Awning support legs.

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"Awning support legs cassette close up"

"Awning support leg"

The awning support legs are intergrated within the front profile of the awning and as you can see in the picture below cosmetically pleasing.

Awning fitted with intergrated telescopic support legs. This enabled the customers awning to be used more of the time in adverse weather conditions. This is becasue once the legs are down it takes all the stress off the back wall fixings because the front profile of the awning is now supprted and therefore there is no downward pressure anymore.

The support legs are also used when awnings are fitted to certain vehicles and horse boxes.

"Patio Awning textile Byr7515"

The picture above of the patio awning shows the awning with the support legs not being used and how unobtrusive it looks.

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