Why Choose a Kover-it Cover?

For over 20 years now we have been manufacturing majority of our waterproof outdoor covers from high quality PVC-ST, due to their established proven performance and longevity. Our use of PVC-ST is a response to customer frustration caused by other covers simply not lasting in our diverse weather. Our PVC-ST covers exceed the performance of the off-the-shelf covers you find in most retail centres.

Every Kover-it cover is manufactured in Britain within our Yorkshire-based workshop by a committed team of skilled machinists using only high quality materials and manufacturing methods. Learn more about our Made in Britain membership. The majority of our covers are still performing well at 10 years+ , and we now see our covers being used all over the world such as in Switzerland, Spain, Dubai, and on cruise ships.  All of our PVC-ST covers features a small Kover-it logo, so it is easy to distinguish one of our own brand of covers, no matter how old it is.

About Kover-it Covers

Whilst the textile itself is heavier than most conventional covers, it offers superior all-year-round weather protection, due to its many superb properties listed below.

  • 100% waterproof
  • UV stabilised
  • Tested to perform in temperatures from +70° to -30°
  • Excellent chemical and mildew resistance
  • Easy to clean, as non-porous surface helps prevent dirt ingress.
  • Tremendously strong and durable – stress tested to a minimum of 1,000,000 flexes
  • Does not bleach
  • Has the ability to have added mesh vents for breathability
  • Available in various colours and weights
  • Can used for signwriting
  • Suitable for high frequency welding to ensure large covers never have a seam running on the top panel of a cover.

As standard Our Covers are:

  • Neatly finished with a binding covering the Seams.
  • Supplied with brass eyelets and elasticated shock cord for securing the bottom.
  • Supplied with a 5 years guarantee (subject to fair wear and tear)

To ensure a long-lifespan it is important to ensure the cover you choose is a good fit to your item, and if you cannot find a Kover-it brand cover off-the-shelf that suits then check out our Custom Covers.