The awning fabric is just as important as the main working components of the awning, whether you are buying your awning first-hand, or having your awning recovered. As one of the UK’s leading outdoor Cover Specialists we understand and appreciate the importance of a textiles technical properties in regards to its performance and longevity.

All of the high quality fabrics used on our awnings are manufactured by world market leading manufacturers and specialists in the outdoor textile industry. As we have such a large range of comprehensive awnings and outdoor cover solutions it is important to remember that some textiles and fabrics are more suited to a specific environment and purpose. In general we use 3 main fabrics- Dickson’s Acrylics, Giavarni, and Markilux Sunvas/ Sunsilk fabrics.

Dickson specializes in outdoor textiles, and are recognized as the world’s leading manufacturer of technical textiles for all types of awnings and outdoor covers. Their acrylic fabrics are exclusively woven with Sunacryl solution-dyed fibres, which means the colour pigments are incorporated during the actual manufacturing process, resulting in long lasting colour which doesn’t fade. The Acrylic fabric also goes through a ‘nanotechnology process’ (NPP) which is the ultimate modern process for protective outdoor fabrics. This treatment ensures excellent water repellence within the fabric, and prevents dirt from building up or ingression. The water repellence means (as long as the arm is correctly pitched at the correct angle) water “beads off” the front of the retractable awning.

The sense of comfort and wellbeing that people experience in the shade of Dickson fabric is primarily thanks to 3 key factors: heat protection, glare protection and of course UV protection. These factors are directly influenced by the colour of the fabric, and with hundreds of colour options to choose from we can help you find the perfect fabric for you, with majority of fabrics achieving 100% or 98% UV protection. Their awning fabrics gives a soothing and regular light to the patio, cutting out glare, and guarantees a fresh and constant atmospheric temperature.

Dickson’s Solar protection fabrics is comprised of 3 main ranges- Orchestra, Opera, and Symphony. Orchestra is the largest range on the market, inspired by the latest indoor-outdoor decorative trends, it stands out by its amazing use of colour, comprised of both plain solid fabrics as well as a massive choice of striped fabrics.

Whilst choosing a fabric it is often a ‘love it or hate it’ approach to fabrics with stripes or fabrics with solid colours. Therefore, whatever your preference we help find a fabric you fall in love with, and if you can’t decide from the Dickson Solar Protection Range we have hundreds of other Fabrics available which are equally as long lasting and protective.

When deciding on a fabric for your awning whilst you can view the colour options and images on your computer or tablet, even in high retina display, nothing can beat viewing the fabric in real life, feeling the textile and being able to see how the light looks though the textile. It is also useful to view the actual fabric colour in the environment of your home, we give all of our awning customers a large swatch book full of the Dickson Solar Protection Range to browse through in the comfort of their home.

You can view all of Dickson’s range of Solar Protective fabrics on their website, they each come with a 10 years guarantee. You can also check out our gallery where a majority of the awnings which have been installed by us or recovered feature Dickson fabrics.