Awning on Pool Cabin

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"Awning on a pool cabin"
Installed by Kover-it

 A recent installation by Kover-it. The customer loves the awning installation and says it enhances his property. The right choice of awning fabric and cassette leads to this result.

The awning cassette was brown to go with the cabin and slim line cassette to look cosmetically pleasing. The way the Brustor awning is fixed enables you to spread the load through and across the cabin adding to the strength of the installation.

The customer bought a showroom model at a discount and we re-covered the awning in the colour chosen.
"Pati Awning ""Looking through the awning"

It is possible have either a scalloped/waved valance on the awning or a straight one. These valances can be removed from the front profile of the awning by simply undoing one of the end caps a pulling it out.

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