Waterproof Bespoke Covers, Well fitted and shaped to help aid water drainage

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Kover-it specialises in manufacturing high quality bespoke covers for outdoor garden furniture, which are waterproof, strong, durable, immensely long lasting, and aesthetically pleasing. They manufacture their long lasting covers from PVC-ST, which is a textile well known in the marquee industry as it is ideal for strong all-weather protection making it excellent for garden furniture protection.  However, it is not just the textile which ensures optimal protection, it is important the cover is well fitting and shaped to best suit the furniture and to help aid water drainage as well.

For example, we make our BBQ Covers with dropped shoulders so water can drain off of the cover, whereas if the cover was fitted to the same shape water would sit on top of the shelf’s and wouldn’t be able to drain off.

waterproof bbq cover

Are Your Outdoor Furniture Covers pooling with water?

When it comes to Patio Set Covers, we shape the cover to best fit the furniture, and the best solution to stop the Patio Cover from pooling with water is to put 1 or 2 high buckets in the centre of the table before covering.  For some Patio Sets where the table is higher than the chairs this isn’t necessary, but many patio sets have the chairs higher than the table, and so without something keeping the cover up in the centre even with the cover being well fitted there is no way for the water to properly drain away.
heavy duty shaped patio set cover

patio set with buckets central

This same technique can be used when covering outdoor Sofa’s and benches which have the same height arms as back all around.

rattan furniture

As you can see in the above image the rattan Armchair and Sofa would be best shaped rectangular,  and then a bucket would be placed on the seat to help water drain off.  However, Kover-it has designed an innovative new cover which is almost self draining.

bespoke rattan furniture waterproof covers

As you can see extra shaping was put into these custom covers to help water run off of the covers. These covers were manufactured in Charcoal Grey PVC-ST with a neat black binding which outline the elegant and retro shape of each cover.  Using the binding on the outer seams of the cover is standard for Kover-its bespoke covers as this helps protect the double stitched seams, giving extra strength and adds to the cover’s overall cosmetics.

These waterproof covers were bespoke made, and although having the extra shaping at the front is not standard, and you would most likely need to have one custom made to your size, Kover-it do have a range of rattan garden furniture covers on their website specially designed to help aid water drainage with this extra shaping.  You can check these standard sized rattan furniture covers on their website which also shows the measurements of the covers.

Recently Kover-it manufactured some bespoke waterproof covers for some Kartell Bubble Club furniture; as you can see below whilst the back of the Bubble Club Armchair was slightly higher than the front,  the customer requested some extra sloping in the cover to help prevent water from sitting on top.


bubble club armchair bubble armchair cover

Kover-it’s Bespoke Bubble Club Armchair Cover is completely waterproof, and offers all-year round weather protection,  as well as being aesthetically very pleasing.  This customer also had some other bespoke bubble Club Furniture Waterproof covers, all manufactured from Charcoal Grey PVC-ST as you can see below.
bubble sofa and chair covers

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