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Kover-it is a proud supplier and installer of Brustor awnings.  Brustor is a world market leader in outdoor patio awnings, they manufacture robust, durable and elegant awnings for both domestic and commercial use.  All Brustor awnings are tested and approved to the strictest European quality and safety standards.

B28 brustor awning

We sell and install a large range of Brustor awnings, one of our most popular is the Brustor B28/B25 awning.

The B25 and B28 are essentially the same awning,  the only difference being the shape of the cassette, the B28 has more of a curve to the enclosed cassette, in contrast to the B25.  Since both the B25 and B28 are both the same spec awning and built with only one difference the B25 can sometimes be referred to as the B28 and vice-versa.  Below you can see the difference.

awning cassette side profiles

Left: B28 Cassette,  Right: B25 Cassette

The Brustor B25/B28 is a compact awning with a sleek elegant design, making it ideal for every installation. It is one of our most popular domestic awnings thanks to its robust structure and beautifully designed cassette. It has a maximum width of 7mtrs and 14 metres coupled, with a maximum projection of 3metres.
brustor b28 striped awning

The B28 has a fully enclosed cassette, this means when the awning is fully retracted  the fabric and mechanical components are completely protected from all weather conditions.  Therefore little maintenance is needed as everything is safely enclosed in the casing when not in use.  Many customers prefer having a fully enclosed cassette as it looks more pleasing to the eye and neater against their property.

brustor b28 awning closed on wall

The awnings beautiful and robust cassette is made of corrosion resistant, powder coated, extruded aluminium for excellent strength and long lasting durability.  Brustor also uses stainless steel for all of its components which are very strong and also long lasting.

The B28 has strong arms with 2 cables for projection up to 3metres, and its twin spring arms mean that it has maximum fabric tension at every position.

The Brustor B28/B25 awning has many attractive additional extras including optional remote controlled LED lights which can be added on the arm elbows of the awning.  Another fantastic feature this superb awning offers is the ability to add side curtains to it which can be done at a later date, this is perfect for people who want to create an outdoor living space.

The B28 can also be made into an annexe room, such as we did for this customer, who wanted to create an enclosed outdoor space.  You can see a photo of the awning before and after the annexe room was added below.

brustor awning brustor awning with annexe room

Having the ability to add features such as side curtains is a fantastic feature of the B28 and B25 awning,  Brustor also allows this option for many of their other awnings as well, and is easy to add.

The B28/B25 is available as a manual awning ,which is easily operated  by a crank handle/winding handle,  or comes as an electric awning with remote control.  Most customers prefer the electric awning which has a Somfy motor built in, as they are very easy to operate by Somfy remote control, manufactured by the world leader in motors and control systems for automatic movement products in the home around the world- Somfy.

b28 awning Above is another electric B28 awning installed by Kover-it,  this was a very straight forward fit onto brick wall.

All of Kover-its highly qualified installation teams are each trained by each manufacturer we supply, and combined share a wealth of knowledge spanning more than 60 years in the awning and blinds industry.  Kover-it has always put customer safety first, and only ever use high quality components to safely install all of our awnings.

All of Kover-its awnings come with 5 years guarantee, including the B28/ B25 awning.  Kover-its electric awnings also come standard with Somfy remote control and a wind sensor, as a wind sensor is a very important safety feature which ensures your awning is not accidentally left out in strong winds.

Below you can see some more B28/B25 awnings installed by Kover-it.

brustor awning b28 awning identical awnings side by side

The B28 awning/B25 awning comes with a large range of textile choices available.  The textiles available are manufactured by Dickson– the leading specialist in outdoor and indoor textiles,  their textiles are solution dyed acrylic which means the colour is locked right into the very core of the fibres during manufacture, which ensures exceptionally long-lasting , ultra vivid colours.

brustor awning and canopies

This customer chose to have the same textile for their dutch canopies as well as the  B28 awning which were all installed by kover-it.  Dutch canopies are a great way of protecting your windows and furnishing from the suns harmful rays as well as offering that extra touch of style.

Below is the B28 awning on show at Kover-its showroom.
b28 on the kover-it showroom
To find out more about awnings, or if you’re looking to buy the right patio awning for you, you can visit Kover-its showroom, where they have a large variety of awnings on demonstration to show you.  Kover-it also has a large variety of textile samples on display, as well as having textile sample books which can be lent out to customers to take home to ensure they choose the right textile for them.

All of Kover-its friendly staff are happy to help, and our helpful awning specialists can help you find the perfect awning for you.

To find out more give us a call on 01189 406095, or visit our website.


Please note Kover-it are currently phasing out from the awning industry, and no longer have a public awning showroom.  Blog posts and information on awnings are being kept on our website to help educate and share useful insightful information, but note some information may be dated.  Since we have over 25 years+ of carrying out thousands of successful awning installations within the Berkshire/South East England Area as we phase out of the awning industry we continue to look after any historical awning customers.  Our main focus as a business is about manufacturing and supplying high-quality, long-lasting waterproof covers and gazebo side panel covers, which we can supply to all over the UK and internationally.  Our background and experience with awnings, structures and awning textiles subsequently means we have a vast extensive knowledge which is advantageous in the design and manufacture of outdoor covers and side panels.  

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