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Manufactured from heavy duty PVC textile, our side curtains are 100% waterproof, immensely UV stabilised, mildew resistant, has excellent durability, and are very easy to clean and maintain.  They are also very long-lasting- and majority of our side curtains are now lasting 10 yrs +, which is why we also put 5 yrs guarantee on every domestic-use side curtain (subject to fair wear and tear). Because we have been manufacturing and installing waterproof side curtains for over 15 yrs, we have now evolved the design of our side curtains to ensure we aim for optimal longevity and practicality.  Which is why we will also guide a customer towards the correct design for their given structure, and we also ensure there is correct understanding for installation.  In truth around 95% of all of our Side Curtain orders are done remotely (hundreds a year) which is why we take a lot of care and time with every single customer, and we do make this process as easy as possible.

As a family business we take a lot of pride and care in our product which is manufactured to a very high quality, and we also care about all of our customers;  This also extends after an order, as it is greatly gratifying when our customers share feedback and images back to us, and often we have repeat customers who may return after several years for another form of custom cover- and so it is great to keep tabs on majority of custom side curtains lasting strong many many years down the line.

gazebo side panels

How to Get Waterproof Side Curtains/Side Screens?

The process couldn’t be easier:

  1. Enquire using our Gazebo Side Panel Enquiry Form.
  2. We quote you.
  3. To place order we take a deposit, at which point we also allocate your space within the workshop, so can give an approximate delivery/due date .
  4. Confirmation process begins- this involves us lining up on your image clarification on measurements and ensuring the design for the curtains are correct for how you are installing (our basic design of side curtain is very easy to install, but we can give advice and help)  It is important we spend time during confirmation, because an ill-fitting side curtain can affect lifespan and practicality.
  5. We always send a “Final Confirmation PDF” which shows all finished sizes for each side curtain including window height/size/doorways etc.  This gives you opportunity to amend anything or talk through anything.
  6. We take the outstanding balance for the order just prior to manufacture,  our workshop will then manufacture the side curtains.
  7. Whether you are collecting or having delivery, our workshop ensures every side curtain is packaged properly which involves being rolled onto a long robust tube, all windows have extra protection, and whether the curtain is going to Jersey/Spain/Scotland or somewhere within the UK great care is taken to ensure proper protection for transport and storage.
  8. Now your Installation begins.  We are always just a phone call away, and we are happy to give advice and help where we can.

Examples of just some of our Side Curtains- All Remotely Confirmed

Here are just some images which were sent back to us from customers- Whereby all Side curtains were remotely confirmed, and installed by the customer. Whilst we do not formally credit individual names, we would like to thank every single customer who took the time to email in with pictures of their finished installation of Side Curtains.  We know there are many many more images I could include.

wooden gazebo before side panels Green-Side-Curtains-onto-wooden-structure-3Remotely Confirmed (from in Harlow).  Side Curtain Design = Keder top, eyelets & shock cord each side, pocket bottom, adjustable clips & straps top, no skirt.

Very unique to see a green wooden structure but certainly looks fab, and the way they have installed each side curtain is perfect.  You will note because they have space above & below top & bottom eyelets they have put an extra cleat above and below- this is something personally we prefer to do when we install,  but you will note it is down to preference on whether to have a very top & bottom cleat.

food-shack-without-side-panelsfood-shack-side-curtainsRemotely Confirmed (from in Poole).  Side Curtain Design = Keder top, eyelets & shock cord each side, pocket bottom, adjustable clips & straps top, 1-zip doorway, skirt.

The main use for these waterproof Side curtains was to allow the food shack complete enclosure, and some form of security when not in use; but they are also quick and easy to roll & clip up when in use.  When fully down, the zip on the right allows for a 1-zip doorway-  This means for quick entry they can easily unzip, and uncleat the right hand side, then roll up and clip up this small doorway.  You will notice we also put a protective Velcro flap at the bottom of all of our zips now for added protection, as whilst our heavy duty zips are very strong and durable it is important to never leave a zip half-way undone, and by ensuring the Velcro is brought across the zip, also helps take pressure off of the zip.  The food shack curtains are ideal for all-year use, and we often manufacture Kiosk side curtains and Side Screens.

cabin before side panels wooden-cabin-side-curtains

Remotely Confirmed (from in Scotland).  Side Curtain Design = Keder top, eyelets & shock cord each side, pocket bottom, adjustable clips & straps top, 1-zip doorway, skirt.

The above image shows a very unusual way of lacing which we have not actually seen before, but admittedly looks very neat- lacing is always down to preference, and there are different ways of lacing/securing the curtain – We usually advice simply hooking the shock cord over the cleats such as the below image due to speed and ease.  But these Cabin Side Curtains look great in place.

gazebo-by-valley-landscapesGrey-Side-Curtains-before-and-afterMid-Grey-Side-curtains-with-doorwayRemotely Confirmed (location undisclosed).  Side Curtain Design = Keder top, eyelets & shock cord each side, pocket bottom, adjustable clips & straps top, doorway, skirt.

These gazebo side curtains were important to the customer when considering a structure, as it enabled them to fully enclose the structure when in winter months/chilly weather, but also allowed the freedom to roll up and clip up the sides in the Summer months to enjoy their stunning garden.  By opting for a Doorway one end they can also access the doorway from inside or outside of the structure.

school-side-curtainsshcool-side-curtainsSide Curtain Design = Keder top, eyelets & shock cord each side, pocket bottom, adjustable clips & straps top, skirt.

These School Side curtains are predominantly used to stop rodents or animals from getting into the structure at night or when not in use. They opted against a window because they have large windows in other places on their structure. We do many side curtains for schools, nurseries and pre schools as it allows more all-year-round use of outdoor valuable space. Often we will send out child-friendly lacing buttons instead of cleats.

inside-pergola-before-side-panels-Beige-Curtains-onto-pergola-insideSide Curtain Design = Keder top, eyelets & shock cord each side, pocket bottom, adjustable clips & straps top, skirt.

It was pointed out after receiving these images that these side curtains had been installed against our recommendation (inside out) but nonetheless we were very pleased to see the transformation and grateful for the pictures.  These side screens completely transform their outdoor veranda into an outdoor room.

gazebo-with-hot-tub-Brown-Side-curtains-for-hot-tubBrown-Side-Curtains-with-eyelets-each-side-Remotely Confirmed (from in Essex).  Side Curtain Design = Keder top, eyelets & shock cord each side, pocket bottom, adjustable clips & straps top, skirt.

Over the years we have done many Side Curtains for Hot tub cabins and structures, and we do also offer the option for privacy flaps over windows.

framework-for-adding-side-panel-light-grey-side-curtains-fitted-inside-grey-side-curtains-on-inside-of-pergolaSide Curtain Design = eyelets top, eyelets & shock cord each side, pocket bottom, adjustable clips & straps top, skirt.

This customer chose to internally fit the side curtains as due to the design of their veranda it was more practical fitted on the inside than the outside.  These light grey side curtains look fantastic in place, and the large windows enables more alfresco dining all-year round.

removeable-framework-for-side-panels-Grey-Fire-Retardent-Side-Curtains-side-panels-for-wedding-venue-Remotely Confirmed (from in France!).  Side Curtain Design = Keder top, keder sides with zips, pocket bottom, adjustable clips & straps top, skirt.  Non-standard design

This particular project involved us supplying additional extrusions enabling the customer to properly secure the large side curtains.  This was a very bespoke job, However we were very happy to help, and guided the customer to the correct form of installation for their openings.

You can view many more examples of our Side Curtains on our online PDF by clicking on the below book.  This book is due to be updated soon with many many more projects to share. 

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