Looking for a Waterproof L-Shaped Corner Sofa Cover for all year weather protection?

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Well look no further, Kover-it’s Bespoke Covers for L-Shaped Corner Sofa’s offer optimal protection from all weathers and elements; including heavy rain, snow, strong winds, the suns damaging UV rays, hail, dirt, bird droppings and grime.  Manufactured from PVC-ST, these highly protective corner sofa set covers can cope in very hot and cold climates, and are extremely durable, strong, and long lasting.  PVC-ST textile is also completely waterproof and completely UV Stabilised, PVC-ST is actually a flexible thermoplastic so naturally it is ideal for superior outdoor cover protection.

 Most outdoor waterproof covers are manufactured from polyester (which is not waterproof) with a thin PVC coating (which gives it its waterproofness) Therefore, after some years, once that PVC coating gets broken down by the sun’s strong UV rays it renders that cover useless- and that process can be sped up depending what the cover is exposed to, and where it is.  Whereas PVC-ST is a completely different textile, and tends to last 10 years plus even in places such as Barcelona, Marbella, Greece, and Switzerland.  For that reason- if you are looking for a long lasting waterproof cover which will extend the life of your furniture, and that you will only ever really need to buy once, then a high quality PVC-ST cover is what we recommend.  Kover-it put a 5 year guarantee on all their PVC-ST L-Shaped Sofa covers, and have customers who still have their covers going strong at 15 years plus!

L-shaped sofa waterproof cover

Getting the Correct fit

Finding the perfect shaped cover for your Modular Sofa set or L-Shape Corner Sofa can be next to impossible if the supplier of the furniture doesn’t already supply one; and in some instances even when one is supplied it may not offer the protection you need.  Therefore, it is very likely you will need a custom made cover, having a cover bespoke made ensures it is well fitting, and manufactured out of a textile which will provide optimal weather protection, of course the actual manufacture of the cover is also essential.

Kover-it’s highly skilled machinists who work on the Waterproof L-Shaped Corner Sofa Covers each have over 20 years experience in the industry.  From knowing the required measurements of the Sofa they can shape the cover so it is well fitting, and helps aid water drainage. Below you can see a custom made corner Sofa Cover which was manufactured from the measurements supplied by the customer.  As most L-Shaped sofa’s are different and unique, and knowing where to measure can be complicated, Kover-it makes it as easy as possible for the customer to measure; They ask for a clear image of the Sofa from the front and side, and then Kover-it lines up the images showing where they need the customer to measure.  Usually there are only about 6 measurements needed, but by seeing an image from the front and side they can ensure anything sticking out out or tilting is accounted for.  Then by having the exact measurements of the Sofa they allow for the tolerances necessary.

waterproof corner sofa cover

As you may note these covers are all made by hand in the UK by extremely skilled machinists, each cover is bespoke made to a high quality, and shaped as best they can.  This above image was taken and sent to us by a customer who was very pleased with their Bespoke Sofa cover which was manufactured from Green PVC-ST.  As you can see like with all of our outdoor covers (as standard) it has the eyelets around the bottom, and we supply the shock cord to thread through if the customer chooses.

Below is an image of an L-Shaped Sofa, Armchair, and coffee table/footstool which we recently covered, with our high quality custom made shaped covers.

rattan sofa set
corner sofa set covers

These Waterproof corner sofa set covers were manufactured from Light Grey PVC-ST.  As you can see the light grey binding not only protects the double stitched seams, but contributes to their cosmetically pleasing neat shapes.

Because all of our covers come neatly folded when delivered and stored, you will find that it will take a few hours for the creases to fall out of the cover after you put the cover on (or minutes if you are in a hot country).  Once the creases fall out, these waterproof sofa set covers will look even more stunning.

Similar to the set above, modular piece sofa sets are becoming quite popular,  rather than having a very large L-Shaped Sofa,  modular furniture means you can move pieces around and customise the layout of your outdoor living as you wish. Many suppliers offer a cover for each piece of modular furniture,  However if you have 5 pieces, covering each one can be time consuming, hassle and can be expensive if you total the cost of all covers.  Therefore having a waterproof custom made cover for a ‘modular piece sofa’ eliminates the hassle and looks much more cosmetically pleasing.

For Kover-it’s Bespoke modular sofa set waterproof covers and Custom made Waterproof L-Shaped Corner Sofa covers, they design the cover to protect the Sofa without the cushions on the set.  This means in the Winter when cushions are stored indoors the cover does not drag on the ground, and in the Summer if the cushions are stored on the sofa, the cover will just rise up slightly in the middle.  It is always recommended that cushions are stored indoors as the ambient moisture can get under the cover and into the cushions resulting in the possibility of causing mould and mildew in the cushions.  If storing your cushions are an issue check out Kover-it’s cushion storage bags, perfect for storing all the cushions together  and hanging up in your garage or shed.

So if you are looking for a well fitting shaped Corner Sofa set Cover which is waterproof, long-lasting and will compliment your garden, nothing beats having one bespoke made.

If you would like to get a quote for a Bespoke Corner Sofa cover you can do so through our website or give us a call on 01189 406095.

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