Markilux 6000 Awning

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This customer required shade to their office behind the patio french doors in order to keep the glare down and the room cool, whist wanting a featured area outside.  It was very important that the cosmetics were right and that the awning could perform in the maximum optimum rain and wind.

Garden area before awning

When we get asked this question as long as the wall construction along with the height and angle can be achieved then the best awnings to use for performance have proved to us to the Markilux, Germany. This is judged by our technicians servicing and repairing all types of awnings for over thirty years and only experiencing to date that the Markilux engineering really allows the awnings to perform and last many more years than any other.

  • Reasons:- Design and technology non rusting components –arm ability superb strength to keep fabric tautness –All screws and basic components are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel.
  • Construction data for Pull-out force according to EN 13561-Tested wind class rating based on wall construction and projection matching sail area.
  • Awning arms drop forged moving components and Teflon-coated bronze bushes, which provide superior stability and longevity. Minimum 85mm roller tube. Electric motors Somfy.

closed awning on wall Awning archway with awning in background

The awning was requested with the cassette in nano anthracite metallic finish which is virtually able to keeps its self clean in the rain  and blended in better with the wall.  This textile is the new  Sunsilk snc the innovative awning fabric with the self-cleaning effect in rain ( a minimum pitch of 14 degree is required to ensure water run off).  high performance textile allowing more light underneath with maintaining full UVA and UVB protection.

You can see from the pictures the customer has gained the best of all worlds and enjoys the Markilux 6000 awning also at night with the unique lights in the front profile which dim up and down to add extra ambience as and when required!

All electric awnings are installed by Kover-it with a wind sensor for added protection.


Please note Kover-it are currently phasing out from the awning industry, and no longer have a public awning showroom.  Blog posts and information on awnings are being kept on our website to help educate and share useful insightful information, but note some information may be dated.  Since we have over 25 years+ of carrying out thousands of successful awning installations within the Berkshire/South East England Area as we phase out of the awning industry we continue to look after any historical awning customers.  Our main focus as a business is about manufacturing and supplying high-quality, long-lasting waterproof covers and gazebo side panel covers, which we can supply to all over the UK and internationally.  Our background and experience with awnings, structures and awning textiles subsequently means we have a vast extensive knowledge which is advantageous in the design and manufacture of outdoor covers and side panels.  


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