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At the moment Kover-it is offering this amazing deal on this Patio awning, the Markilux 990 is compact, small and functional. This special offer on this retractable awning manufactured by worlds leading market leader Markilux is a great opportunity to create the beautiful outdoor area for Summer you’ve always dreamt of.  This Electric Patio awning offer is for the Markilux 990 with a projection of 2m and a width of 3m, and comes with a somfy remote (normally £2450.00). There are a huge range of textiles to choose from the Markilux Sunsilk, and Sunvas range.  Kover-it is offering a few other Patio awning special offers and retractable awning deals for this February, which will be showing shortly, or give us a ring on 01189 406095 to find out more.

The Markilux 990 retractable awning is ideal for patios, balconies, offices, and decking areas.  Its elegant, U-shaped front profile encloses both folding arms and roller tube lending the awning to a completely new sleek look.  The reinforced front profile also features integrated gutter and hidden water drainage sprouts.

With an overall height of just less than 13cm, this slim full cassette awning can be offered whenever there is little room for installation and a designer awning is call for.  Whilst being the smallest full cassette awning in the markilux range, this patio awning still encompasses superior robustness and durability.

This compact awning, designed torque-bar free, saves space and weight. The Markilux 990 patio awning features folding arms with drop-forged aluminium joint components as well as Teflon-coated bronze bushes.  Even when extended, the roller is protected by the cover.  The reinforced front profile also offers a high degree of stability for larger widths, making it ideal for larger properties as well.

Markilux 990 awning Markilux 990 awning manual Markilux awning
Above is the Markilux 990 Patio awning  brown cassette.  The sleek slim design works well for this property, and the colours blend in well with the brown window and door frames.  This Retractable awning is manual, with a servo assisted gear box- which is an innovative piece of technology making it easier to retract the awning manually.

Below is another Manual Patio Awning, with white cassette.

Markilux electric awning Markilux 990 awning closed

Below is the Markilux 990 Electric Patio Awning,  again the brown cassette looks great on dark brickwork, and its slim design makes it look very aesthetically pleasing.

markilux 990 awning with wavy valance
markilux 990 awning closed cassettelooking from under the awning

Below, another electric retractable awning, and as you can see The Markilux 990 also looks great on larger properties.  On this occasion as the exterior wall was tiled, spreader plates were used along with stainless steel rods and chemical fix to secure the awning. This awning also has a straight valance, which the customer preferred for their property.

markilux 990 electric awning with straight valance markilux 990 awning closed on wall markilux electric awning

Because the Markilux 990 is such a lightweight and compact awning, its perfect for situations such as below.  The customer wanted shade for his jacuzzi whilst also upholding style,  the slim cassette with reinforced front profile makes this awning perfect for creating comfortable outdoor shading space.  This Patio awning was manual, you can see the crank handle in the bottom photo.

electric awning over hot tub markilux 990 awning over hot tub markilux 990 electric awning

Like with most of our manual retractable Patio awnings, the awning above also had a Servo assisted gear box, which is situated inside the cassette and makes it easier for you to retract the awning.  The Servo assisted gear box works by a mechanism which sits inside the roller as a spring coil. As the awning is wound out with the assistance of the sprung assisted arms the coil winds the opposite way, creating tension, therefore when you want to wind the awning in, it uncoils making it easier for you retract the awning manually using the crank handle.

servo assisted gear box for an awning


Please note Kover-it are currently phasing out from the awning industry, and no longer have a public awning showroom.  Blog posts and information on awnings are being kept on our website to help educate and share useful insightful information, but note some information may be dated.  Since we have over 25 years+ of carrying out thousands of successful awning installations within the Berkshire/South East England Area as we phase out of the awning industry we continue to look after any historical awning customers.  Our main focus as a business is about manufacturing and supplying high-quality, long-lasting waterproof covers and gazebo side panel covers, which we can supply to all over the UK and internationally.  Our background and experience with awnings, structures and awning textiles subsequently means we have a vast extensive knowledge which is advantageous in the design and manufacture of outdoor covers and side panels.  

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