Outdoor Waterproof Side Panels and Gazebo Side Sheets

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There are many applications for a Gazebo Side Panels, Side Curtain, or Side Sheet, and they are a great way of enclosing a structure or space to create an individual area, to keep privacy, or to help keep warmth in.

Recently Kover-it manufactured some Black PVC-ST Side Curtains to go on the side of an open structure to fully enclose it.  As you can see this customer had 3 custom made Side Panels with a zipped panel in each which can fully roll up and be secured by clips to allow access inside.

heavy duty garage side panels

Manufactured from PVC-ST these waterproof panel covers are immensely strong, long-lasting and waterproof. For the panels industrial grade zips are used, and the PVC-ST lips surrounding the zip gives extra protection to the zip. For these particular bespoke side panels, as they are quite large and in a very exposed environment, large Velcro panels were also used which helps take any tension or pressure off of the zips.  You can see below how the Velcro panel is connected to the panel and pulled over the zip to connect to the main structure part of the side panel.

black side panels on garage

Whilst there are different ways of attaching side panels,  Kover-it’s preferred method of attaching Side panels is using keder track, eyelets, shock cord or lacing. The below Outdoor Cover System was installed using keder track at the top- which the Side curtains are slid into, and then secured to the sides via shock cord through the eyelets and cleats.  This is Kover-its preferred way of securing Side Panels to timber structures, as wood is prone to moving, having the side curtain attached in this way allows the timber to move without putting any stress on the side curtain (as the elasticated shock cord takes all the pressure).  This form of attachment also makes these replaceable side curtains easy to fully remove if needed,  and they can also be fully rolled up without needing a zipped panel.  Furthermore, only one pocket is needed within the side panel at the bottom for the baton which helps weigh the side panel down and makes rolling up the side panel easier.    

gazebo side panels

In the below Outdoor Cover Side Panels they are also attached to the structure in the same way,  but the shock cord and cleats are hidden on the inside.  Having it on the inside can have the advantage of looking neater, and also protecting the cleats and shock cord from the weather and elements.  Though the cleats are stainless steel and both the cleats and shock cord are built to last in the outdoor environment.

side panels with windows on gazebo
close up of side panel cleat
In the above image you can see a close up of how the shock cord is threaded through the eyelets of the waterproof cover and then pulled over the cleats.  To do this, the Side panel is already laced before hanging,  then once hung and pulled over each cleat it can be pulled tight for the bottom to create tension.

PVC-ST Cover side panels and side curtains can be used for a variety of applications, below Kover-it manufactured a light grey PVC-ST Custom made Side panel for a log store.

log store side panel

As you can see this Side Curtain also has a Sandbags which act as weights on the Cover, which helps stop the Side Curtain from blowing around Hence preventing any unneeded stress, and also stopping any wind from getting under the skirt of the Side Curtain.  Whilst Sandbags are not always necessary, they can be quite useful for in windy areas, and as Kover-it manufactured these out of the same textile you can match the colour to the side panel.

In the below image Side Panel sandbags were also used on the inside of the side curtains to stop any wind from getting inside of the structure.  These White Side Curtains also had the ability to be rolled up in the Summer, and in the Winter kept the wind and rain out.  Made up of individual Waterproof Cover Side Panels, this Outdoor Cover solution creates a clever extension to the customers house.
clear side panels on pergola pvc side panels with windows

This customer also wanted the whole side curtain to be Clear PVC-ST, However to keep the Side Panels strong and long-lasting the clear windows are welded into solid colour PVC-ST textile.  This is because clear PVC-ST does not have a warp and weave like solid colour PVC-ST, Hence it is able to be transparent, However this does mean it performs in a different way, by having the clear as windows protects the windows from scratches or rubbing against the wooden structure. Choosing the White PVC-ST kept the indoor space light and welcoming.


Side panels for Gazebos are also very popular and great for outdoor protection,  below Kover-it manufactured gazebo Side Panels for these wooden gazebos.  Kover-it also manufactured the gazebo roof sheet, manufactured from heavy duty PVC-ST. gazebo side panels heavy duty gazebo side panels

heavy duty waterproof side panels on gazebo
As gazebos can come in different sizes, each waterproof Side Sheet for gazebo is custom made to the correct measurements.  Gazebo Side Panels can come in a variety of colours, and with the option to have them fully removable, they are great for in Winter as well as Summer.

Kover-it manufacture their outdoor side curtains and side panels from high quality PVC-ST which is immensely strong, durable, and long-lasting.  As a thermoplastic it can withstand very high and low temperatures of plus 70 and minus 30, it is also UV Stabilised throughout, and completely waterproof; making it ideal for outdoor cover protection.

wooden pergola side panels
Custom made to the customers measurements and requirements, Kover-it ship their Waterproof Covers all over the world.  Bespoke manufactured Side panels are easy to fit, and can be manufactured to your exact size needed, whether a gazebo side panel, side curtain for man-made structure, or a pergola Side Curtain.  With the option to add windows and zipped panels you can turn a limited summer area into an all year round space.

If you are looking for a Bespoke Waterproof Cover, Custom Side Panel or a Bespoke Side Panels complete Gazebo Side Panel Enguiry Form form, or you can give them a call on 01189 406095.

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