Patio Awning Roof Fit.

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Tidy hidden brackets

Case study on a roof fit. No need for ugly .brackets down the wall.

The roof fit carried out by Kover-it is stronger than any wall bracket installation.

I would love to play bridge with my friends every Tuesday without closing the curtains to stop the glare from the sun. 

There is not enough room or height to have an awning?

No Problem with a Kover-it special roof fit we can put the awning up in line with the gutter and cosmetically it won’t just look nicer, it will be stronger than any wall bracket fit. We have perfected this way of installing the awning with leading roofing company’s structural engineers and architectures. The understanding of the building construction is of paramount importance, hence why only our own in house trained qualified staff will survey. Extra details are available on request as we would like to protect the huge financial commitment we have put into this specialist fit.

 Also this way of fitting an awning must only be carried out by trained staff in the understanding of building and cantilever structural stresses along with awning sail area verses rain and wind fix.

The specially made brackets as seen in the pictures below are installed between the roof rafters and extra carpentry and brackets are used to make the fixings strong.

A diamond tile cutter is used to take a small cut out of the edge of the tile and lead flashing is used under the roof edge to guarantee a life time water seal.

Please note only certain awnings can be used for this installation.

The roof felt is cut in line with the rafters and rolled up, so that it can be rolled and sealed back in position.

The customer is enjoying being cool in the shade in the safety of a kover-it awning.

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