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With Winter risking your furniture being exposed to heavy rain, wind, hail, frost and snow, it’s important to protect your furniture, either by storing it indoors, or like many if you don’t  have the space a quality well fitting cover is an essential investment.  By investing in a durable long lasting cover you are lengthening the life of your furniture, furthermore you can free up precious space if you normally store your furniture indoors.

Kover-it’s unique Custom made Covers offer optimal all year round protection from heavy rain, hail, strong winds, frost, snow, dirt, grime, and the suns strong UV rays.  With over 20 years in the industry they are specialists in outdoor cover protection,  manufacturing strong, durable long lasting waterproof covers which last 10 years plus.  Many of their customers waterproof BBQ covers and rattan furniture covers are still going strong at 18 years!

As well as offering optimal weather protection, having a cover manufactured to your furniture’s measurements ensures it is well fitting and that your furniture is properly protected, having a cover too big can risk being blown away or rubbing against your furniture from where the wind blows at it.  A well fitting cover is also much more pleasing to the eye, giving your garden that designer look even when everything is covered.

custom sofa set waterproof covers

The above covers are manufactured from PVC-ST which which is extremely strong, durable, completely waterproof, UV resistant, easy to clean, and long-lasting.  PVC-ST is so strong and long-lasting it is the same textile they use for lorry side curtains.  Able to cope at temperatures of plus 70 and minus 30, Kover-its PVC-ST outdoor protective Covers are used all over the world even in more diverse and extreme weather, for example places such as Switzerland, Iceland, and Barcelona.  It is a textile perfect for long lasting garden furniture covers, as well as heavy duty machinery covers and commercial covers.

Kover-its PVC-ST covers come in a variety of different colours- green, black, brown, charcoal grey, light grey, blue, yellow, orange,high gloss white and high gloss red.  They can also manufacture out of different textiles where there may be a different purpose in mind.  For example for a light weight cover only to be used indoors to protect furniture from dust this would be manufactured from polyester which is lightweight.  Below you can see some sports equipment covers to protect them from the dust.  The customer requested these covers as they wanted them to be very easy to handle and would only need them to be used indoors.

bespoke dust cover
Having a cover custom made also gives you the freedom to cover your furniture how you wish. For example the customer who owned the rattan furniture below didn’t want to cover their L-Shaped Sofa with one large cover as it would be quite difficult and heavy to put the cover on by themselves so they opted for 3 smaller covers to cover the modular pieces separately.  These rattan modular covers are all shaped to better fit the furniture and allows water to flow off of the covers.  Alike with all of Kover-it Covers they come standard with the eyelets around the bottom and a shock cord to secure the covers in place.

rattan furniture waterproof custom covers for rattan furniture

Kover-it can manufacture a protective cover for almost anything-  waterproof outdoor kitchen covers, rattan furniture covers, fork lift covers, heavy duty machinery covers, Corner Sofa covers,  rabbit hutch covers, amongst some of Kover-its most unusual is a catapult cover.  Below you can see a PVC-ST bespoke cover for an outdoor kitchen with a tap and oven, the customer also requested zips and panels for easy access to compartments.

bespoke outdoor kitchen cover
As well as manufacturing drop on covers, Kover-it can also manufacture more complex covers, such as the customer below requested having their rattan cushion box fully covered to keep it protected and waterproof as well as breathable. For this item the customer brought the box into Kover-it and their highly skilled machinists designed this luxury cushion box cover which also includes a lining on the inside with a commercial grade zip and Velcro.

cushion box breathable cover

Kover-it’s bespoke service allows you to have a well fitted cover designed for optimal protection and suitability.  They are specialists in outdoor cover protection so are able to advise you on how best to cover your outdoor furniture.

Renowned for their high quality covers, and excellent customer service, having a cover specially manufactured for your outdoor furniture means you can have a cover to how you want it to look, feel and perform.  It isn’t just an option for customers who can’t find the correct size cover standard made, it is for customers who want high quality, well fitting covers that last 10 years plus.

The understanding Kover-it has of outdoor cover protection means they don’t just sell you covers to your measurements, their highly trained staff can talk through what textile would be best for your outdoor furniture and will make you a cover that is how you want it to look and feel.  Quality has never been compromised, and although they may be more expensive than some covers out there on the market, their customer care and durable long-lasting covers brings outdoor cover protection to another level.

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