Survey for Awning Domingo

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Please note if the awning is fitted above the doors under the soffit below the gutter line the door will open and hit the awning arm. Also if an awning is fitted in this position and the arms cranked up horizontally this would invalidate the warranty and create a problem for the awning later in its life. You must not fit awnings with a less than 10 degree pitch the more the better.



The correct way to fit this awning is on either Z brackets or as a bungalow installation. A bungalow installation costs between £350.00 – £550.00 for awnings 2.5mtr width – 4.5mtr width the price includes special brackets and the work involved.

This picture show Z brackets.
Z brackets cost between £175.00 – £225.00 each depending on the size they are zinc plated and powder coated white. The brackets should be chemical fitted.

So check the brick work in the area where the brackets are going and make sure they are sound. The roof fit is the stonger of the two installations.

The correct projection for this customers installation is 2.5mtr projection off Z brackets or a roof fit.

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