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Recently, we have launched a waterproof cover for AFK Orchard arbour- and we wanted to share with you a short video showing it in place.  The afk arbour waterproof cover also now comes in grey!

This waterproof AFK arbour cover is manufactured from our PVC-ST textile which is 100% waterproof, UV stabilised throughout, mildew resistant and immensely long lasting.  The cover features a front panel which can be rolled up and clipped up – via the commercial grade zips each side, and adjustable webbing straps which makes it very easy to use your arbour even when the cover is in place.  Of course, because the arbour is such a beautiful piece of outdoor furniture we do hope the cover is removed for majority of its use, so you can marvel at its elegant aesthetics, and to let the arbour breathe during the hot months of Summer.  However, majority of our customers feedback have been how pleasing it is to still be able to sit within the Arbour even during horrible windy and wet weather (which the UK is unfortunately normally known for).

As a family-run business, manufacturing within the UK, we ensure all of our covers are manufactured to a high standard of quality, and with long-lasting grade A materials.  Hence, we put a “5 years fair wear and tear guarantee” in place on all of our PVC-ST Covers we manufacture- However, we tend to see majority lasting 10 yrs plus.  Over the past 20 yrs we have been manufacturing waterproof covers for all types of Arbours, but the AFK has proven to be a brand of arbour which holds a quality and ethos which we [Kover-it] can relate to.  AFK are also a family run UK manufacturer- who care deeply about their quality of arbour.  Hence, whilst we do not supply AFK or their retailers with our AFK Arbour cover directly, we appreciate greatly the recommendations that often fall our way.

For many years we have stocked our “Waterproof cover for AFK Arbour” which is specifially for the Cottage version of arbour;  Which has been and still is immensely popular,  and whilst it also does fit the AFK Orchard arbour, we were not 100% happy with the fit around the top.  Hence, as we have recognised the demand for a well fitting cover for the Orchard Arbour,  we had our bespoke team template the Orchard to ensure the cover follows the same beautiful curvature at the top.  Thus we now manufacture and stock 2 standard off-the-shelf covers for:-

Waterproof Cover for the AFK Cottage Arbour 

Waterproof Cover for the AFK Orchard Arbour

Whilst we have designed a cover for each of these stunning arbours, we always advise all of our customers to please cross reference measurements shown on our cover against the actual arbour- and if confused or unsure at all give us a call on 01189 406095.  Please note this is a heavy duty cover, so does have some weight to the cover- which is why the zipped front panel also helps aid getting the cover on and off, but the nature of textile we use (PVC-ST) also makes it ideal for use all over the world, such as in Spain, Switzerland and France.

We also do waterproof custom covers, so even if your arbour is not an AFK Arbour, we can still supply you with a long-lasting waterproof Arbour cover with a roll up front panel.  To get a quote enter your details into our online custom form, or call the team on 01189 406095.

Currently as I write this, our Kover-it website is not allowing payments to be taken online (due to going through a revamp) However, this means to place order for your waterproof arbour cover you will need to speak to one of our sales team on 01189 406095 or send an email to sales@kover-it.co.uk.  We make the order process quick and easy and can also double check which arbour cover you need.  Note we also have no robots on our phones, so if for some reason all our lines are busy leave your name, number and we will call you back usually within the same hour during our working hours.

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