Waterproof Cube Covers, for rattan cube dining sets, and much more!

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The Chic and Compact Outdoor Cube dining set it a popular and practical piece of garden furniture.  Its cleverly designed enclosed shape when not in use makes it ideal for saving space.  As well as being -as some would say- slightly self preserving as the chairs tucked under the table are partly protected.  This rectangular/cube shape also makes it easy  to find a well fitting waterproof cover.  Even if you can’t find anything standard in size- it can be easy to get your hands on a custom made waterproof cube cover perfect in size for your set.

Whether you are looking for a Waterproof Cube Cover for an Oceans Cube set, or any other luxury brand of rattan furniture, we have many standard sizes of highly protective cube covers.  They are all designed with longevity and high performance in mind.  We manufacture our Waterproof Cube Covers from PVC-ST, as it is an immensely strong and durable textile, which is completely waterproof and UV stabilised throughout.  It is actually a thermoplastic textile giving it the ability to perform well in diverse climates where weather may be much hotter or much colder.  It has been extensively tested, and has a long and established history. We know of many customers PVC-ST covers still going strong at 15 years plus.

The 4 Seater waterproof cube set cover

Below is an image of our 4 Seater Cube Set cover, which is 115cm x 155cm x 74cm- so ideal for most smaller Cube dining sets.  For example ideal if you are looking for a waterproof cover for The Oceans Haiti Rattan Cube Garden Dining Set, or for other cubed rattan dining sets. As you can see this waterproof rattan dining cube set cover comes with eyelets around the bottom, and shock cord which you can thread through the eyelets to secure the cover in place.

waterproof cube set cover

Manufactured to a very high quality, this dining set cover also features a neat matching binding trim which discreetly hides the seams.  This adds to its pleasing cosmetics, as well as adding a little protection to the seams. However it is important to note all of Kover-its covers which have seams are stitched with special commercial grade thread which actually swells in it’s holes, Hence binding is not always a necessity- but does make a cover look neat and iconic.


Kover-it brand waterproof cube set covers

Lately we have just launched our “Kover-it Waterproof Deluxe Cube Dining Set Cover” which is a slightly larger version of our “Kover-it 6 Seater Cube Dining Set Cover for Oceans, Rattan & Westminster Cube Sets“. It is an ideal waterproof cover for the Oceans Deluxe Cube Set, and also fits most larger sets of rectangular dining sets.  You can see below our Deluxe cube dining Set cover.

You can view all of our standard sizes of rattan furniture Cube Set Covers on our main website.  And if you are unsure of which one would fit you can contact our helpful team on 01189 406095 or on sales@kover-it.co.uk. All of our high quality PVC-ST cube set covers come with eyelets, shock cord, and a 5 year guarantee.  If you can’t find a cover for your size we can custom make a cover perfect for your dining set.


Looking for a Shaped Waterproof Dining Set cover custom made?

We also know not all dining sets are as compact as these Cube Sets above, and so we are able to manufacture custom made dining set covers for all types of shapes.  For example, the below image shows a dining set we manufactured for a dining set which took on a more octagonal set. For dining sets with chairs higher than the table, we advise placing buckets in the centre of the table to help prop the cover up in the middle.  This helps prevent water pooling. You can view more on our custom made dining set covers on this blog.

waterproof patio set cover

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