Protect your BBQ for the Summers ahead with a Waterproof long lasting BBQ Cover

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This week the 19th National BBQ week is taking place, already half way through millions have taken to the outdoors to get grilling.  For many BBQs it is the first time seeing daylight in over 9 months, but imagine the dreadfulness of uncovering a rusted up wreck, all because it was not properly protected throughout the winter months.  Now imagine that happening next year after you’ve just invested in a great new BBQ.  Well, to prevent this you need to ensure it is being protected from all the weathers all year round, by investing in a long lasting, durable, well fitting waterproof cover you are lengthening your BBQs lifespan.

Weber BBQ waterproof bbq cover

Most people are surprised to hear that it is the Suns UV rays which can cause the most damage to covers, garden furniture and BBQs.  If a cover is not UV stabilised it can lead to a cover blistering, cracking, splitting, thus leaking and becoming useless in protecting garden furniture and BBQs.

Therefore it is very important that a cover is UV resistant to prevent the Suns damaging rays from getting through, so it is important to know what material your bbq cover is manufactured out of.

Kover-it manufactures all of their high quality long lasting bbq covers from PVC-ST, as it has superb UV resistance and is completely waterproof.  PVC-ST is a thermoplastic so can withstand extreme temperatures of plus 70 and minus 30,  it is also immensely strong and durable, it is so strong the same textile(slightly thicker) is used to make lorry side curtains so it can easily withstand against high winds without ripping or damaging.  Kover-it’s covers manufactured from PVC-ST offer all year round protection from the suns strong UV rays, heavy rain, snow, dirt, bird droppings, grime, strong winds, and can also prevent rodents from getting underneath.  They are very easy to keep clean, most of the dirt is washed away by rain, and the rest can be wiped off using a sponge.

weber bbq cover

Can’t find the right size waterproof bbq cover? 

With two-in-three households now owning a BBQ grill, the range of different BBQs is limitless, from small fire pit BBQs to outback BBQ’s to homemade BBQs.  Over the years Kover-it has seen thousands of different types and sizes, and although many BBQs often come with a cover at the time of buying the BBQ in some circumstances customers will find the BBQ outliving the cover and needing a new one.  Kover-it specialises in outdoor cover protection, and as well as having a range of PVC-ST BBQ Covers in standard sizes, Kover-it also custom make BBQ Covers, manufactured to customers required measurements.

It is important when covering your BBQ that the cover is well fitting, as it will last much longer, protect your BBQ better, and look much nicer than a baggy over-sized compromise. If a cover is too small then parts of your furniture will be exposed thus getting damaged, or if too big the cover will be baggy thus dragging on the floor, and a baggy cover can also have the risk of being blown away as air could get trapped underneath acting like a balloon, also constant movement from the wind could cause the cover to rub against the BBQ, and if not a durable and strong textile it could damage the cover causing tears thus leaks.

Below is a customers large BBQ with a sink which Kover-it manufactured a well fitting waterproof cover for, manufactured from PVC-ST. Since the customer preferred not to have the eyelets and shock cord around the bottom, the straps with velcro were added to secure the cover in place incase of strong winds.

large bbq with sink waterproof bbq cover
Kover-it’s standard PVC-ST Covers come in either Black or Green, but they can also manufacture out of a range of other colours- blue, yellow, brown, grey, light grey, white, high gloss white, high gloss blue, plus more.  The above Cover is in the anthracite grey, which is a very popular colour, and looks really good with the black trim as above.  Below you can see another example of a BBQ Cover manufactured by Kover-it,  this time in the brown PVC-ST to match the customers side curtains which were also manufactured by Kover-it.  As you can see this waterproof BBQ Cover for a single shelf BBQ is well fitting as well as offering superb protection.

barbecuewaterproof barbecue cover

Kover-it have manufactured custom made waterproof brick built BBQ Covers, outdoor kitchen waterproof covers, large BBQ Covers, chimney BBQ Covers, even for the most unusual shaped BBQ’s.  Below is another custom made Waterproof BBQ Cover Kover-it manufactured from black PVC-ST.  They manufacture Covers for almost anything!

bbq with chimney waterproof bbq chimney cover

Kover-it’s bespoke service makes it easy for you to get a well fitted long lasting waterproof cover.  All of their covers come standard with eyelets and shock cord, along with a 5 years guarantee, although they know customers who still have their covers going strong at 15 years plus!
If you’re interested in getting a long lasting, strong, durable, waterproof Cover for your BBQ check out their website or give them a call on 01189 406095.  It’s worth looking after your BBQ for the Summers ahead!

It’s already half way through the 19th national BBQ week so get your summer off to a sizzling start and join in, from small bbq to large, new to old, so get your buns out and get grilling!

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