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Long lasting outdoor covers are much needed for home use as well as by the hospitality and commercial sector.  Hotels are known for their pristine appearance, impeccable service and attention to details – and this extends to the outdoor areas as well.  Outdoor luxury furniture is a necessity, and a great investment for increasing dining space and footfall.  But the maintenance, storage and practicality is massively important.  This is why the correct outdoor waterproof covers and all furniture are just as important as each other.  In this blog, we will explore the significance of outdoor waterproof covers, and what important factors there are to consider when dealing with covers and all furniture outside. 


Hotel furniture

1. Protection against harsh weather conditions – the use of outdoor covers

Outdoor sofa’s, poolside sun loungers, dining sets, and all other types of outdoor furniture are exposed to various weather elements throughout the year.  ‘Elements’ can be a broad term but often refers to UV rays, temperature, humidity, as well as weather conditions such as snow, strong winds, hail and rain.  Since rainfall is usually over 20% greater in a country such as the UK compared to Spain, a cover being 100% waterproof in the UK is often a necessity.  Arguably, although weather can be deemed as country-specific and somewhat predictable, no matter the country, often weather patterns end up being diverse,and susceptible to strong storms, bouts of intense UV rays, heavy rains or even snow.  Hence, it is best to invest in highly protective covers offering protection from all types of elements.  

The correct highly protective outdoor furniture covers can make sure to protect furniture, helping to prevent fading, cracking, and deterioration caused by prolonged exposure to the elements.  When choosing the correct outdoor furniture cover it is important that the textile as well as integrity of the cover’s manufacture is to a high specification.  


2. Preservation of Aesthetics 

Hotels, spa’s, restaurants as well as the whole hospitality sector strive to create a visually appealing ambience for their customers and guests- and outdoor spaces play an important role in enhancing overall experience.  By using durable furniture covers, this maintains the pristine appearance of quality outdoor furniture and dining areas.  Whilst a lightweight cover can be desirable, it is often thicker textiles which are most durable.  An outdoor lightweight cover may look good for a short period, but a cover must be durable in order to withstand constant exposure without becoming damaged and therefore bad looking as well as not performing. 

Outdoor furniture covers also protect against dust, dirt, leaves, and other debris, ensuring that furniture is kept looking highly presentable and inviting.  Equally important is that the highly protective covers are pristine, clean, and looking-good whilst in situ.  Outdoor protective covers, especially used in the hospitality sector should be shaped correctly to suit the furniture beneath, shaped to ensure the best protection from the elements, and the correct size to ensure it is not too tight or baggy.  An oversized cover not only looks bad, but can result in it having a much shorter lifespan due to chaffing on the ground, and much greater flexion in the textile over time. 


3. Considering maintenance of the outdoor covers as well as the furniture

Following on from the importance of aesthetics, it is important to consider the up-keep and maintenance necessary in order to keep furniture and covers looking clean and pristine.  Cleaning an outdoor furniture cover can take a tenth of the time compared to getting dirt out of furniture types such as rattan, weave, and outdoor upholstered furniture.  A waterproof cover such as this PVC-ST table cover is ideal for easy-maintenance cleaning as its non-porous surface means heavy rain does most of the work washing dirt away.


4. Consideration of Cost 

Replacing outdoor furniture due to wear and tear or weather damage can be costly.  So having the correct long-lasting protective covers can act as a preventive measure, significantly extending the lifespan of quality outdoor furniture.  Investing in high-quality outdoor covers can save money in the long run by avoiding frequent replacements and repairs.  

Furthermore, using outdoor furniture covers can save a lot of time and money in reducing the time it takes for staff members to clean, upkeep and maintain outdoor furniture.  Although some hotels and establishments will manually move furniture between indoors and outdoors; if it is secure premises then storing furniture outdoors with highly protective covers can save the storage space as well as time and costs involved in constant movement of furniture. 

The expectation of a cover should also be considered when looking at cost, as there are so many types of outdoor furniture covers on the market today it is important to investigate the best type.  Whilst many would assume manufacturers of high end furniture supplies standard fitting covers for their furniture- this is often not the case.  Although this may not be convenient, it is important to remember that furniture such as dining sets and modular sofas can be laid out in so many different configurations.  The manufacturer’s sole purpose is also the furniture, so whilst they may provide a standard fitting cover, consideration should be made as to whether to upgrade and source your own based upon your furniture’s exposure, needs and expectation of the covers lifespan.     


5. Consideration of the furniture being covered 

As there are so many different types of high quality outdoor furniture, it is important to understand that whilst a highly protective outdoor cover needs to perform well, it also needs to be the correct design and textile to suit the material of the furniture.  For most outdoor furniture composed of metal, plastic, and rattan, a cover being breathable is not so important, However for Teak furniture breathability is crucial.  Any textile which is 100% waterproof cannot be breathable, so companies claiming to have 100% waterproof covers also breathable often actually mean a small vent is used somewhere on the cover.  This can be adequate for some furniture, However it is important to consider how much breathability is necessary, and there are marine grade technical fabrics specifically designed to be both highly water resistant and breathable – ideal for Teak and upholstered outdoor furniture.  

Most manufacturers of outdoor furniture will provide care guidance and tips, so it is useful to spend the time making sure the furniture is being maintained properly and without causing damage in the long run.  


hotel furniture on a rooftop


Investing in long-lasting durable outdoor protective covers is a wise decision for hotels as well as other hospitality establishments aiming to maintain their aesthetic appeal, protect their assets, and to enhance guest satisfaction.  Ensuring protective covers can withstand the test of time and weather conditions aids to sustainability and environmental responsibility.  Taking the time to choose the correct outdoor protective covers can ensure minimal wear and tear, and make outdoor furniture last over 10 times longer.  This is not only good for the environment, but also financially.  

If a hotel is not sure how to cover their outdoor furniture, it is best to get in touch with a company specialising in outdoor furniture cover protection.  A company that manufactures within the UK such as Kover-it has extensive knowledge and experience with all types of covers and all furniture.  Kover-it will often look at all aspects of the furniture, how it is used, what the exposure is like, and how best to offer the best long lasting protection.  You can check out a short case study here on an example of their covers used in a Swiss 5*hotel.

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