Worried about your Outdoor Furniture this Winter? Its not too late to Kover-it !!

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Kover-it’s range of PVC-ST Covers are used today all over the world, in places such as Barcelona, Switzerland, Jersey and even Iceland among others. They offer excellent outdoor protection, not just in the UK, but also in countries where the weather can be more extreme and diverse.  So it’s no surprise they are an excellent investment for all year round protection for your outdoor furniture; offering protection from the Suns strong UV rays, strong winds, extreme colds, frost, heavy rain, ice, snow as well as dirt and bird droppings.

We manufacture our covers from PVC-ST (which is a high graded commercially used textile) because of its immense strength, longevity, ability to withstand temperatures of plus 70 and minus 30, and it is extremely robust.  Kover-it uses PVC-ST as it means our covers will last 10 years plus, and we put a 5 year guarantee on all our covers made from this textile.

We offer a wide range of PVC-ST Covers, from Table Covers, BBQ Covers to outdoor games equipment covers. All of Kover-it’s own branded covers are manufactured in the UK, using high quality sourced materials and highly skilled machinists.

Below is one of our PVC-ST Table Covers.  If you can’t find the right size for your table we also offer a bespoke service where we can manufacture you a cover to your given size.  Its very simple to order a bespoke made Table Cover, we just need to know the exact measurements of the table (Width, Length and Height)  and we’ll add on the extra tolerances in order to manufacture you a well fitted Table cover easy to take off and put on.

outdoor waterproof table cover
We can also manufacture protective outdoor Oval Table covers which are very well fitting and follow the shape of your table.

oval outdoor table cover

Customers often want a cover to reflect their neat patio furniture, so we always ensure our covers are finished to a high standard whether you are ordering a standard sized cover or a bespoke made cover.  We understand whilst it is important for a cover to offer optimal protection, it is also important that it looks neat, tidy, and well fitted.

custom waterproof chair cover

Above is a Black PVC-ST Cover we manufactured for this outdoor wooden chair.  To manufacture this well fitting cover all we needed was firstly an image of the chair and then the exact height at the back, front, the width and the length.  Our friendly and helpful customer service makes it as easy as possible for you to ensure we have the correct measurements to make you a high quality fitted cover.

outdoor pool tablewaterproof pool table cover

Above is another of Kover-it‘s PVC-ST Covers, this is our Outdoor Protective PVC-ST Pool Table Cover ideal for protection from the rain, snow, strong winds, dirt, bird droppings, insects and vermin.  Alike all of our PVC-ST Covers it comes with eyelets around the bottom and a shock cord, so in more windy stormy conditions you can pull it tight around the table.

So this Winter whether you are covering a Table, Bench, Pool Table or Parasol, if you are looking for a long-lasting durable Waterproof Cover which will last many years to come we strongly recommend having a PVC-ST Cover!


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