Outdoor Kitchen Cover- breathable and water resistant

This below outdoor kitchen cover is among some of the largest we have designed and manufactured as it is over 7m in length.  We took into consideration the exposure, size, practicality and necessity for longevity.  As well as ensuring the  cover was beautiful, functional as well as high performing.

custom breathable outdoor kitchen cover

large outdoor kitchen

Along the entire back and sides of the BBQ unit featured gorgeous Teak panels.  So whilst PVC-ST textile was a consideration (As is stronger than Sunbrella) breathability was crucial to ensure over time the Teak does not warp or sweat.  Therefore we manufactured the entire cover from marine grade Sunbrella Plus Acrylic.  But we also reinforced the cover in several places on the inside,  this included the corners, edges and where certain items such as the tap and bottle opener were positioned.

custom kitchen unit cover end section

Splitting the Outdoor Kitchen Cover into Sections

Due to the size, we manufactured the cover in 3 sections, which joined together via strong 4” Velcro flaps.  These not only overlapped but were designed with a ‘sandwich effect’, preventing water from getting beneath.  Whilst a cover such as this takes some time taking on and off, the design and fit allows for all-year-round long-lasting weather protection.  You will notice the 2” adjustable webbing strap was also made in sections.  This made  it easy to connect and secure all 3 interconnecting covers.  The brass eyelets and elasticated shock cord can also be utilised if necessary, and (so the cord can stay within the cover whilst taking on and off) the cord is actually split into sections allowing joining via tying.

velcro joins on a custom cover

custom outdoor kitchen cover in part sections

kitchen bbq cover section

Due to the environment, this BBQ unit was very exposed to high winds.  Hence the 2” webbing strap positioned halfway up the cover helped pull the cover against the face of the unit preventing wind from getting beneath.  The webbing strap (or belt) also acts as the method to secure the cover in place.  The beige webbing was specially ordered in to compliment the colour of the cover as black would’ve stood out massively.  From afar the whole cover neatly blends in with the beautiful surrounding environment.  It is also not distinguishable that it is made up of the 3 separate sections.

outdoor kitchen bbq cover securing belt

This outdoor kitchen cover was part of a project which involved us coming out to site to design/ measure/template, manufacture and then install the cover.  We also manufactured a few other matching Sunbrella covers.  These includes a padded waterproof TV cover, a Manutti Sofa and table cover, and a breathable Teak Table top cover.  You can read more about these here. 

outdoor teak table cover