Custom Table Top Cover

We manufactured this custom breathable table cap cover from our Sunbrella Plus Acrylic textile- which is a marine grade high-performance fabric, often used in situations where breathability, as well as high water resistance is crucial.  It is a fact that any textile which is 100% waterproof cannot be breathable, Hence in a situation where a cover is resting against Teak it is important moisture can escape and the Teak can breathe throughout the whole surface area.  Sunbrella Plus acrylic is well known for its immense UV stability, colour fastness, extremely high water resistance, breathability and of course it’s established lifespan and designer quality.

outdoor teak table cover

Securing the breathable cap cover

Due to the very exposed environment of this beautiful Teak dining set, this Sunbrella table cap cover featured adjustable webbing straps which ran across the underside width of the table, discreetly keeping the cover securely in place without any movement.  The adjustable straps are also completely removable from the cover itself, and the user could choose to adjust the strap from either side of the table.  The strap connects to the cover via a strong 1” clip, and so these adjustable straps are very easy to ever replace if ever necessary (which would only likely happen from an accident happening during storage).

breathable table top cover secure strap

Whenever we manufacture a table cap cover we always specify brass eyelets should be closer together as so the elasticated shock cord thread through can pull the textile beneath the table top.  We usually expect a looked after cover such as this to last 10 yrs plus, and so an elasticated hem would not share the same lifespan, and often a textile such as Sunbrella (or PVC-ST) is too thick to pull in like a ‘shower cap’.  We specifically ensured that the brass eyelets did not land too far down from the bottom of the table top, but also so the clip on the inside was not visual from the side.  Whilst you can see in some images the adjustable strap, this can easily be tucked discreetly away.

High End breathable Covers for High End Furniture

This Teak table was part of the Manutti Capri collection; Manutti are world-renowned for their superior quality and awe-inspiring designs of outdoor furniture.  They are among the top names of high end furniture manufacturers, and often a preference for designers and architects aiming for perfection.  Hence, Manutti shares a similar reputation and ethos with Sunbrella- who ‘commit to produce only the most exceptional performance textiles you can buy’, with a founded belief ‘that fabrics should be both beautiful and functional’.

The Manutti Teak Table cover was among a collection of breathable covers we manufactured, including a cover for a Manutti Sofa and Coffee Table, a padded TV cover, and a very large breathable BBQ unit Cover.

manutti sofa set

This Manutti Sofa cover also featured brass eyelets with elasticated shock cord within to pull the cover tight around the sofa.  As you can see, this modern set has a removable back-rest, making it an ideal shape for covering.

Custom padded outdoor TV Cover

We also manufactured the TV cover from Sunbrella Plus Acrylic (Papyrus) but with a padded inner lining;  The thick padded scrim is very soft on the inside, Hence as long as dirt is wiped from the TV before covering, the cover protects from scratches as well as grime and the lements.  This custom padded TV cover also featured strong Velcro closing flaps beneath, allowing the cover to easily slip over the TV and then fully close for optimal protection.  The Velcro we used was 2” industrial grade velcro- incomparable to the type you find on a daily bag or retail object.

outdoor tv cover

TV cover velcro securing flaps

easy to use velcro flaps

We also designed and manufactured a breathable and highly water resistant kitchen unit cover which you can read all about here. 

custom breathable outdoor kitchen cover