Custom Cambridge Corner Sofa Set Cover

Manufactured from our heavy duty PVC-ST textile, this cover is immensely strong, durable and long-lasting.  The option to cover a sofa set with a large rectangular tapered custom cover has many benefits.

Pro’s of this shape

  • Ability to cover everything together- more items can be fitted beneath the cover, and the cushions do not impact the shape, so in Summer months can be left beneath for short periods, and in the winter cushions can be removed.
  • Very Cost-effective, especially considering the multiple pieces of furniture being protected.
  • Allows more space for airflow beneath the cover- especially if opting for mesh panels also within the cover.  This means when cushions are beneath the cover, the majority of the cover is not touching them.

Con’s of this shape

  • Quite heavy for one person to take on and off – would not suggest this shape for a sofa set much larger than 200cm x 240cm.   But note we can put a Velcro slit at the back corner to help aid getting the cover on and off.
  • The size of the corner sofa and height difference between the table and back of the sofa will affect how much pitch/angle there will be for water to drain.  Due to this shape, there is chance water can pool on the top panel (However this can be helped by properly securing the bottom of the cover pulling down, and propping up in places if need be).
  • Cannot use the table separate to the Corner Sofa or Vice-versa –  this will likely not matter to majority of people, but worth considering.

This particular waterproof cover for the Cambridge Corner Sofa Set is actually available to buy online as we found it to be quite a popular size high in demand.  Whilst it is stocked in Black PVC-ST, it is also available in Mid Grey at request. As with any off-the-shelf product we do advise cross-checking measurements before purchase, and if unsure then give the Kover-it team a call.

If opting for this style of cover but with custom dimensions, fill out our custom form with shape code KCC18.  So the height for C will be the height of the table, and the height for C1 will be the height of the corner sofa (excluding cushions).  The main lengths will be the overall lengths for the sofa.