Custom Curved Sofa Cover

This beautiful large curved sofa cover was manufactured in our light grey PVC-ST, and due to size also featured a Velcro slit at the back to help aid with getting the cover on and off.

You will notice it is designed for without the cushions in place, so we are able to achieve a very tapered neat shape, but in summer months the cushions still fit beneath the cover by tilting them forward onto the base cushions.

Whenever we manufacture a cover for a curved and sloped item (or sofa section), for us to get a good fit for the cover usually the only way to do so is through us templating the item. For example we were able to manufacture this curved sofa cover after visiting site to actually template the inner curved section, whilst also ensuring all other measurements were taken thoroughly.

The main difference between a custom cover with a curved back corner, in comparison to a right angle back corner is to do with the fact that angles can be accurately worked out when there is an actual corner.  However, with a curve it is impossible to work out the panel necessary due to how a curve changes through the angles.  Therefore, for majority of items needing a curved yet sloped cover, it usually requires our onsite made-to-measure team to properly template, However from experience depending on the shape of cover and height difference for angles there can sometimes be exceptions or alternative options.

This image shows our onsite team templating the curved modular section of a curved sofa, there is great importance that the template is done correctly, but also measurements and reference points taken correctly too, otherwise this can distort the whole cover. Whilst this may seem fairly straight forward to do, we do not expect our customers to template curved sections alike this, as from experience there is too much risk of error. If for example the item being covered is curved but one height, then we can ask for a simple outline template of the just the curve (or sometimes a radius).