Custom Corner Sofa Set Covers

Manufactured from light grey PVC-ST, this waterproof custom covers offers superior all-year weather protection. By covering the sofa separately from the table and stools not only looks cosmetically pleasing, but also makes it more manageable to easily get the covers on and off.

You will notice on the Corner Sofa Cover, the top panel is tapered in multiple directions to allow water to drain down and off of the cover, yet there are no seams or joins; This is due to the manufacturing technique of high frequency welding- which enables us to actually join 2 pieces of textile together via a process using electronic fields causing the molecules within each textile to bond, Hence the end result is often similar in strength to the original textile, sometimes stronger.

More importantly, this process enables us to ensure the top panel is kept 100% waterproof, whilst also shaped properly for a good fit, neat cosmetics and excellent water drainage. From afar you cannot really notice the actual weld line, which if you look closely is on the top panel at the corner. For majority of corner sofa covers sometimes a weld is not even necessary, but on this one it was due to the one side with an arm and the other side without.

Like the majority of our covers, the brass eyelets and elasticated shock cord are ideal for securing the covers in place, as you can also hook the shock cord in places (such as behind a leg) as well. You may notice this image was taken just before we finished lacing all of the shock cords in place. The creases which you can see also fall out after a period of time in the Sun, which can be within a few hours in Summer.