Custom Efoldi scooter cover

Over 3 years ago we designed and manufactured this custom Efoldi scooter cover.  This highly protective cover was designed for the main purpose of protecting the valuable item whilst in transportation.  The Efoldi scooter is an innovative lightweight powered scooter also known as “folding magic” as described by Richard Branson.  As the incredible invention is only 17kg (the worlds lightest most compact scooter), has a 14 mile range, with a 8mph top speed, is road legal, has a 19stone load limit, has patented folding technology enabling a powerful mobility scooter to fold down in seconds into an easily transportable suitcase design;  Furthermore it has many handy features such as a USB charging port, turning indicators and reversing beep.  

efoldi padded case

Retailing at a couple of thousand in price, it was no surprise that our customer wanted to try and offer the best protection and safety for his mobility scooter whilst traveling.  As one of the main concerns was how airport staff or other people handled the scooter whilst it was in its compact folded down position, and how it was very susceptible to getting scratched and dirty.  Hence, these are all factors which we considered during designing and manufacturing the case. Since we were given the eFOLDi scooter to work from we were able to achieve a really good practical fit, and by familiarising ourselves with the product gave us a better understanding of how the design needed to work. 

Our Custom Cover

Please note that since we first designed and manufactured this cover Efoldi have officially brought out their own cover designed for the scooter, it is very similar to the one which we first designed and manufactured.  Since we have not physically seen their cover we cannot comment how similar it is.  Here is a video demonstrating our custom efoldi scooter cover, this video was made well before Efoldi released their version of cover.

Design: Super Easy to Use and Practical

We could’ve made this padded case cover in many different ways, However, it was clear to us we needed to ensure that to take it on and off was super easy, so even somebody with less mobility could handle the case without having to fiddle with zips, toggles or press studs.  Therefore, the case drops onto the scooter from above, and then the Velcro flap at the bottom is brought beneath the scooter and velcros in place (you do not need to lift the scooter to do this).  The main reason for enclosing around the bottom area was to secure the case in place but also to offer protection around the important components in this area, and I believe this was also where the housing for the battery was located.

padded case for efoldi scooter

Whilst the eFOLDi scooter was in its most compact folded position (which would likely be the position when putting into the ‘hold’ at the airport), our Efoldi padded case had a small cut out on the top, so that it was clear how to carry the item via the handle on the scooter;  We considered a further protective flap,  However felt it would risk people not knowing how to hold the item properly.  Anybody who owns one of these incredible scooters will know the scooter can be quite heavy to carry in this way (which is why it can also be wheeled along), However it is important to consider whilst during travels our customer removes the battery (which makes it a lot lighter and easier to pick up to carry). 

padded efoldi scooter cover

Padded Efoldi scooter cover: Dynamic in Use

We manufactured this custom padded transport case also with the ability to be used on the Efoldi scooter whilst wheeling the scooter along.  Due to the larger handle system on the scooter, the padded case does need to be taken off of the scooter before then lifting the handle and putting the case back on, However our design allows for quite an enclosed fit in either position, as you will notice whilst there is a large cut out to accommodate the wheeling-along position, there is also a flap to cover this large cut out when not being wheeled along.  

custom cover for efoldi scooter

The padded efoldi scooter cover also featured a large clear pocket, which we inserted a laminated Fragile sign so it is clear to handlers of the item to take care,  But any type of paperwork or document can be added within, such as contact details.

Are You looking for an Efoldi Scooter Cover or padded transport cover?

A lot of time went into both the design and manufacture process of this custom made padded transport case, However our team have kept details and templates in case another Efoldi scooter should require a padded cover alike this.  However, we do understand that some people may be suited to the official Efoldi scooter which the company sell on their website, as since they get their cover made in bulk they are able to sell at a lower price.  We are unable to comment on their version of cover, But if you are looking for the type of cover we custom manufacture please do get in touch with us.  We also use our padded protective textile for many other types of transport covers too.