Custom hot tub cover

This custom hot tub cover was manufactured remotely for an inflatable bubble spa, as whilst the spa already had an insulation cover which clipped in place, the customer wanted a more heavy duty cover to put on over the top.  Often it can be difficult to replace an inflatable spa cover top, as these are manufactured specifically for the model of spa and so is part of the inflatable hot tub package.  This means it is often impossible to get a replacement spa top cover from the manufacturer with matching securing clips.  Therefore, if the spa is left outdoors majority of the time it can be ideal to offer further protection as to keep the ensure a long lifespan to both the hot tub and its supplied cover. 

inflatable custom hot tub cover

The heavy duty hot tub cover we supplied offers long lasting protection from rain, hail, snow, dirt, bird droppings, strong buffeting wind and importantly the suns strong UV rays (which would likely break-down the spa’s cover within a few years if left outdoors ongoing).  Because PVC-ST is 100% waterproof, this means it is not at all permeable to air, water or UV rays,  Hence pooling of water is never going to penetrate.  But this also means without proper securing methods the cover would be susceptible to fill up with water.  Which is why is it ideal to keep the manufacturers cover in place before putting on the heavy duty hot tub cover. 

This below image shows the manufacturers cover in place on the bubble spa hot tub and you will notice how there are multiple adjustable webbing straps connecting the top cap cover down to the actual sides of the spa, allowing the straps to be pulled tight to bring the top taught. 

inflatable bubble spa

Custom cut outs if necessary

Majority of our made to measure waterproof hot tub covers can easily drop on over, However on this particular spa there was a protruding controls panel.  Our customer did not require protection to the controls panel (As it was designed to be outdoors) However, wanted to ensure that the cover would be a good fit (for water drainage and cosmetics).  Therefore, we specifically placed reinforced PVC-ST in a large area where the panel connects to the hot tub.  This allowed for the customer to carefully and precisely cut out as needed around the pipes (leading up to the controls panel).  As you can see from this design, to keep the cut out small as possible, the cover featured a slit opening below the cut out with a 2” Velcro flap enabling the cover to easily put on and off. 

You will notice from the top image the  custom hot tub cover did also fit quite nicely without the cut out too, but this was the final preferred and practical fit. 

bubble spa cover with cut out

custom heavy duty hot tub cover

It was important for us to ensure the correct height on the cover, so instead of measuring from the very top of the spa, it was important to measure from the seam around the outer edge.  This meant our covers seams also fell around the edge 0f the cover, and the cover just finishes at the ground.  We also asked for a template of one of the curved corners enabling us to follow the same necessary curvature.  

hot tub curve

Custom Lay-Z-Spa Cover

We have manufactured many waterproof hot tub covers, inflatable spa covers, and Jacuzzi heavy duty covers;  below is another example of an inflatable hot tub cover which we manufactured recently for a customer.  This heavy duty cover for the Lay-Z-Spa was also manufactured in our PVC-ST textile, and also featured the brass eyelets and elasticated shock cord, keeping the cover secure to the hot tub.  This particular customer opted for a large gap at the ground, as they did not want to cut out around the pumps connection point which was very low down anyway. 

lay z spa cover