Custom mobility scooter cover

A mobility scooter can often take up a lot of room within the household,  and so it can often be practical (in spring/summer weather) to store the scooter outside with a decent waterproof custom mobility cover to protect from dirt, rain, hail, bird droppings, as well as prying eyes.  We manufactured this waterproof mobility scooter cover from our Green PVC-ST textile which is 100% waterproof, immensely UV stabilised, strong and long-lasting.  The cover can be used in all weathers and has strong brass eyelets and elasticated shock cord for securing in place.  

waterproof mobility scooter cover

mobility scooter

An important purpose for this custom mobility scooter cover was privacy, and with the cover in place the scooter is much more discreet and hidden.  Due to PVC-ST textile being quite thick and heavy duty it does tend to hold its shape more, and so it is not obvious what item is necessarily beneath the cover.  The weight of the cover is something we usually discuss when we are covering a mobility scooter, as if necessary it can be best for us to manufacture from a lightweight polyethylene textile, as it is much easier to take on and off. 

custom scooter cover

Shaping for a custom scooter cover

The cover was made to measure to fit the scooter well, but also designed for optimal water drainage.  This sort of shape can easily be achieved remotely and our helpful custom-covers team will often line up images during the confirmation process to ensure our workshop gets the correct measurements and reference points.  

This below image shows a custom made wheelchair cover which we also manufactured from the green PVC-ST textile.  Rather than store the wheelchair indoors, this cover allowed the customer to protect the wheelchair whilst in the garage, shed or outdoors.  Of course, due to moisture changes it is probably best not to store outdoors for long periods or over winter, and we always advise always check on manufacturers advice.   

custom waterproof mobility scooter cover