Custom Outdoor treadmill cover

We were able to manufacture this waterproof outdoor treadmill cover completely remotely by guiding the customer where and how to measure (i.e we did not need our site team to visit or have the item within our workshop- which is alike the 98% of covers we manufacture).  Our front end sales team often spends much time on a confirmation to ensure we design the custom cover correctly, and so we get everything we need for the machinists to work from;  and Of course we thoroughly appreciate the time and effort taken by the customer in measuring in the multiple places we ask for.  

waterproof treadmill cover

Shaped for best fit and longevity

On this particular treadmill the small display screen central did not tilt, and was not removable.  The treadmill was also located on a rooftop area (as you can also see form the background of the image), and so was quite an exposed environment.  Therefore, we incorporated a small shaped section within the cover for the display screen- so no stress or pressure could be put onto the screen from the weight of the cover or wind hitting the cover.  The cover also features an adjustable webbing strap specifically positioned so the strap hugs beneath the bed each end when the cover is in place- This made it easier for the user to take on and off easily, as well as securing the cover in place.  

custom treadmill cover

curve runner treadmill

We also included brass eyelets and elasticated shock cord for the bottom of the cover, as by pulling the shock cord tight, pulls the cover in tight beneath the bed, and prevent wind from getting beneath the cover.  The heavy duty treadmill cover also featured some strong webbing loops discreetly on the inside of the cover- enabling the user to utilise a third securing method if necessary.

Manufactured from our strong light grey PVC-ST textile which is 100% waterproof, strong, has superior UV stability and longevity, this cover was custom made is ideal for all year round weather protection.  However, whilst this 100% waterproof treadmill cover is designed for outdoor use it is always important to check a treadmills manufacturers advice, as there are specific treadmills designed for outdoor use. 

Indoor treadmill dust cover

This below treadmill cover was another custom made running machine cover which we manufactured,  but for indoor use as a dust-proof cover offering protection from dirt, grime, dust, oil and liquids.  Due to being used indoors, we used a 500D polyester with waterproof backing, as it is the ideal textile for a lightweight protective cover.  This made to measure treadmill cover was shaped to fit well, As well as allow any liquids to drain from the cover.  You will notice in the background we also manufactured a protective cross trainer cover, also manufactured from the same textile.   

treadmill machine

dust cover for treadmill

We have custom manufactured many gym equipment covers over the years, including outdoor waterproof punch bag covers, gym bench covers, squat rack covers, and even heavy duty rowing machine covers.  It is quick and easy to get a quote via sending in an image and overall dimensions to our custom covers team.