Custom Pizza Oven Cover

This 100% waterproof custom pizza oven cover was manufactured in our mid grey PVC-ST, and features a shaped section for the chimney, so no stress is put on the flue.  This image was actually sent into us from a customer, and so all measurements were done remotely, whereby we guided the customer where to measure.  There are also brass eyelets and elasticated shock cord within the hem (bottom) of the cover, so by pulling this tight helps prevents any wind from getting beneath and secures the cover in place.  Alike all of our custom covers, this cover also featured 5 years fair wear and tear guarantee, Although we do see majority lasting 10 yrs plus. 

waterproof pizza oven cover with chimney

large pizza oven with chimney

A pizza oven such as this type (dome shape) can be notoriously difficult to find a cover for (off-the-shelf),  However by opting for a custom made pizza oven cover, you are not only ensuring a superior textile, but having the correct shape is crucial in ensuring a long lifespan for both the cover and the pizza oven.  If the cover is not fitting well around the chimney, over time strong winds can cause damage to the chimney and/or cover, and unnecessary bagginess can trap wind causing further chafing and movement.

Getting a Good fit on the Custom Pizza Oven Cover Remotely

Usually majority of pizza ovens will be similar to this shape, and our skilled machinists are able to attain quite a good fit and shape even when working remotely from measurements.  If a more fitted shape is necessary, our workshop stops at no limits to ensure a correct fit.  The below image shows a waterproof cover over one of the mock-ups used to help ensure correct angles for the dome.  Usually this is not necessary for majority of items, However on dome shapes it can sometimes be useful to ensure correct reference points.  

pizza oven cover on mock up