Custom Rattan Sofa Set Cover

These images were sent in by one of our loyal customers who returned to us for more waterproof covers for their outdoor furniture. Before opting for their custom covers, we helped them decide the best option for covering the set which suited their preferences, and by splitting the large corner sofa, the two sofa covers are very easy to get on and off. This also gave them the ability to only uncover what they needed to use.

Because they also had some stools to cover too, (instead of also needing waterproof stool covers) these neatly fitted within the sofa sections before covering. You will notice on one of the covers we were still able to taper down at the front to allow water drainage, and for a good fit. Whereby, it was preference to keep one of the sections rectangular (so more could be fitted beneath in the summer months) and we ensured to knock off an amount from the height to allow for the extra fall around the sides.

These fab images were taken just after they were delivered, but creases which are noticeable do tend to fall out after a period of time of being in place (can be a few hours in summer months). All of the covers also came with elasticated shock cord for securing through the brass eyelets around the bottom.