Custom Sectional Sofa Cover

This super-comfy looking sofa set was actually designed for outdoor use. However, like many of our customers, the owner of this set wanted to ability to cover the set up to protect from dirt, grime, bird droppings and weathering. Whilst this luxurious sofa set is manufactured from very high quality materials designed to cope with the outdoor elements and suns strong UV rays, during its lifespan it will be susceptible to colour change, slight fading and general wear and tear.  So covering the set for periods when not in use keeps the sofa looking pristine and clean for many more years to come.

Whilst we could have manufactured one large U-Shaped Cover for the entire sofa set, it would have been simply unmanageable to get on and off. Splitting the actual sofa set into its 3 sections made it much easier, and we also included a Velcro slit on the larger cover for even better handling.

Whenever we manufacture any custom cover for an item we are always looking at how to best shape the cover for water drainage, but also taking into account how a cover will sit and fall in places.  For example, we actually reduced the cover heights of this sofa set, to accommodate how the textile falls naturally around the edges of the bulky rounded body.  This means all of the seams sit over the edges, so no water can penetrate the cover even in a massive downpour or under sitting snow.

Before we manufactured these waterproof sofa covers we actually recommended a breathable yet highly water resistant textile – Sunbrella Plus acrylic which is always best for majority of fabric-style sofa sets as it is a very high performing completely breathable textile.  However, with careful precautions and understanding, the chosen textile here is PVC-ST.  This textile is ideal for easy maintenance and long life protection for many types of furniture, as it is 100% waterproof, has superior UV stability, and is immensely strong and long-lasting: but it is not breathable.  Any textile which is 100% waterproof cannot be breathable to any degree, so we added mesh panels within the cover to help allow airflow.  Which is why at the back of these covers there are large mesh panels to help allow some breathability and airflow within.  Ideally though these covers should be removed regularly to allow the sofas to breathe properly and to give a chance for any moisture to escape.

Due to the size of the larger sofa section, we actually added a pocket along the inside of the top panel of the cover: with a rigid pole or timber inserted, helps keep the cover elevated along the front of the sofa.  This was another reason for the Velcro slits each side, as these also helped allow access to the pocket and pole.  Another option would be to store items on the seat base to help elevate the cover (which is what a lot of our customers prefer, as this means there is space for cushions to be stored within the sofa even when covered).  However, it is always important to remember cushions should ideally be stored indoors during winter months, and only beneath PVC-ST covers for short periods.

All of these waterproof sofa covers were manufactured in our light grey PVC-ST textile, which complements the paving tiles within the beautiful alfresco area.  We also manufactured a matching table cover to complete the set.