Custom Shaped sandpit cover

Alike majority of our covers, this custom shaped sandpit cover was remotely made (i.e our workshop worked solely from measurements).  The sandpit itself was actually built around a tree, Hence this cover features a long slit running up to the middle hole, allowing the user to easily take the cover on and off around the tree.  The slit running up to the middle, has a flap with 2” industrial grade Velcro, enabling a neat closure and protection from water and dirt.  Furthermore, we placed an eyelet tab collar close to the central hole, allowing §buttons which were permanently fixed around the tree;  This was purposely designed so that the user could pitch the cover, enabling rain to drain off from the edges.

custom shaped sandpit cover

Although at first the tree appears central and truly round, it was actually slightly off-centre and not truly round in shape. Therefore, we actually used a method of reinforcement in the centre of the cover, which enabled the hole to be a very tight fit around the tree.  Although we cut the ‘tree hole’ around 10mm smaller than the actual tree, we reinforced approx. 50mm of the lip of the hole using high frequency welding;  The customer then put the cover in place, and was able to trim into the 50mm reinforcement around the hole if necessary.  This means that to get the best fit possible they do need to put the cover on the same way each time, However they can use the slit or kover-it logo for reference to which way to put on each time.

Securing the custom shaped sandpit cover

We manufactured the waterproof sandpit cover from our green PVC-ST textile, and alike majority of sandpit covers the cover had a short drop around the sides, leaving plenty of room to secure the cover in place around the sides of the sandpit.  The elasticated shock cord is ideal for securing sandpit covers, as it allows for pressure to be taken up within the cord,  and by hooking the cord over the child-friendly buttons further below it is very easy to take the cover on and off quickly without needing to untie the actual cord.