Custom Trolley Covers and Equipment covers

These waterproof custom-made trolley covers feature a roll up zipped panel each side, with strong adjustable securing straps and clips for ease of use and quick access beneath, so each side can be rolled up and clipped up.  The main purpose for these covers was to protect the storage units for when in transportation, as well as when the units are wheeled outdoors in rain or adverse weather conditions.  Since the storage units held special equipment needing to be kept dry and clean, these custom trolley covers were ideal for protection from liquid, weathers, dirt, grime, as well as prying eyes.  

custom trolley cover

Custom Covers with Signprint

Custom storage covers are ideal for privacy, as in a few seconds the cover can either be rolled up to access equipment, or rolled down to conceal equipment.  On these trolley covers we also added signprint, and strategically put the signprint on the end panels of the unit covers;  As this meant even with the main sides rolled up, the signprint was still visible.  Whenever there is signprint on any cover, it is always best to position it somewhere which is not going to be constantly rolled up and down or crumpled regularly.  Whilst we do not print in-house, we have been using the same local sign printers for over 10 years now, depending on what size and type of signprint is necessary, we will either use a method of ‘digital printing’ or ‘screen printing’.    

waterproof cover with signprint

Adding a logo or print onto a commercial-use cover can be excellent for advertisement and promotion purposes.  In a fast-paced environment it can also be a great way of ensuring equipment does not go walkies or adrift.  As you can guess from the fantastic logo, the equipment protected was related to the film industry, whereby often safe transportation of certain items is essential for everyday use and work.  We have manufactured many types of film equipment covers over the many years, including fan covers, padded unit covers, waterproof prop covers, and transportation cases. 

You will notice on some of the trolley covers a pocket each end- This came in very handy for storing the covers when not in use, or storing other items.  We also included brass eyelets in the corners in case extra security for the cover was needed, as these could be utilised with either ball and loops or elasticated shock cord.   

Custom Equipment Covers

These waterproof trolley covers were part of a collection of equipment covers we manufactured, including a padded bag with zip, a trolley cap cover, and some duffle style bags (with open top and elasticated shock cord for closure).  This padded spirit level bag actually featured a soft 3mm scrim inner lining, and strong 2” webbing strap for easy carriage, whilst also matching all of the other grey covers in cosmetics. 

outdoor waterproof trolley covers

Since the trolley covers are mostly left on the units, we also reinforced the top of one of the units, as other heavy equipment is often put on top of the unit even with the cover on.  The zips we use for all of our covers are very strong and include a small protective lip, we ensure the use of only high quality materials and methods of manufacture as lifespan can be greatly impacted with any compromise.  In some circumstances it can also be practical to use industrial grade Velcro instead of a zip, but this can be influenced by the practicality of use, the covers exposure and preference.  

padded bag for spirit level

custom bag for spirit level

bespoke equipment bag