Custom Waterproof Pizza Oven Cover

These images were sent in from a customer, who was over the moon with their waterproof pizza oven cover.  Manufactured from black PVC-ST, it is 100% waterproof, UV stabilised, strong, durable and shaped to allow water to drain from the cover.  For us to attain this shape, we asked the customer to firstly supply us with a side-on image and front-on image,  and then we clearly lined up showing where to take the exact measurements.  Our skilled machinists then allowed the necessary tolerances to ensure a good fit, not too tight or too baggy.  

waterproof pizza oven cover

On this particular pizza oven, the cover is designed for without the chimney in place, as the customer wanted to remove the chimney before always covering.  However, this is down to preference, and whilst it can slightly simplify the cover, convenience is an important factor to consider.  They also chose to have a shorter drop on this waterproof pizza oven cover so they could easily access their wood pile within the unit. 

Pizza Oven

custom pizza oven cover