Custom Waterproof Projector Cover

We designed and manufactured this protective waterproof projector cover, for the main purpose of enabling use of the projector whilst in rainy weather, As well as to make the equipment less visible when in use.  Due to the projector needing lots of circulation of air (to keep the fans cool) we needed to ensure the cover was elevated off from the projector cage, and we incorporated a large panel of mesh at the back low down to allow air to flow through;   As whilst the front is completely open, because PVC-ST is 100% waterproof this means it is not breathable, Hence heat could become trapped if completely enclosed.      

outdoor projector cover

This below image shows the projector before we added the cover, and we were concerned to the practicalities of wind hitting the sides of the cover and moving the protective cover (which would be catastrophic during a movie night).  Due to the necessity of the cover dropping to the ground at the sides and back, we Therefore included some strong adjustable straps at the side of the cover which enabled the cover to securely connect around the rungs of the support below.  In very windy weather the ladder support system below could then be weighted down as necessary.  By having the cover drop down around the back and sides, added further protection and privacy for the valuable equipment below. 

Commercial projector

Adding Support to the waterproof projector cover for Water Drainage

To enable the waterproof projector cover to work, some further support was actually added beneath the cover, and the roof of the cover includes 2 pockets on the inside, whereby wooden sheets or polycarbonate sheets are added within, which prevents the cover from drooping.  The roof can be slightly pitched more or less as necessary, and due to the importance of rain properly draining from the sides (and not the front) the roof also tilts slightly back.  The cover was manufactured in 3 main parts, which connect together via industrial grade Velcro- this enabled the projector cover to be easily stored without creasing too much, and allowed the top roof section more movement to adjust as necessary. 

waterproof outdoor projector cover

securing straps on projector cover

These below images show the custom projector cover in use, and whilst we did not do the sign print, the print on the back looks fab in place.  The print on the back is actually some sort of vinyl sticker which was added after we supplied the cover.  

outdoor cinema projector cover

We found this project very interesting to work on, and amazed to learn how large but crisp the projection goes.  GoCinemas specialises in open air screenings, and often holds pop-up outdoor cinema nights all around the South-East.