Custom waterproof table cover

Due to the shape of this hexagonal table, it would’ve likely been impossible to find an off-the-shelf cover suitable for the shape;  As a rectangular cover would’ve sagged horrendously.  Therefore, this tables owner came to us for a custom made waterproof table cover, looking not only for the perfect fit, but also for long lifespan.  Therefore, we manufactured this 100% waterproof table cover from our green PVC-ST textile, as we often see our PVC-ST covers lasting 10 yrs+. 

custom waterproof table cover

Before putting the cover in place the customer added a short upturned plant pot central on the table to create a pitch for cover allowing water to easily drain from the cover.  Because PVC-ST is 100% waterproof any pooling would not go through the textile, However it was also ideal to prop the cover up to allow a bit of an air-gap beneath the cover and table top.  

hexagonal shaped table

Fitting: for the custom waterproof table cover

You will notice we purposely made the cover larger on all sides so it was easier to get on and off, but also so the seams hung just slightly over the edges.  Which is why we made the height of the cover actually a lot less than the actual height of the table allowing for the extra fall around the sides, and so that the cover just missed the ground. 

The cover also featured brass eyelets and elasticated shock at the bottom, as in windy weather the shock cord can be pulled tight to pull the skirt in, and to secure the cover in place, preventing wind from getting beneath the cover or pushing the skirt of the cover.