Custom Weber Waterproof BBQ Cover

This waterproof Weber performer deluxe BBQ cover was manufactured from our heavy duty green PVC-ST textile.  Due to the dome shape, it can be almost impossible for us to attain this type of shape without working from the item or templating.  Hence, whilst the old cover was terribly shrunk, we were able to utilise the old cover along with several measurements to allow us to manufacture a new waterproof cover for the Weber BBQ, not too tight or too baggy.

weber bbq waterproof cover

weber bbq

Alike all of our custom made PVC-ST covers, this BBQ Cover also features brass eyelets and elasticated shock cord for securing the bottom.  The cover finishes just above the wheel, allowing the BBQ to be easily moved whilst the cover is in place;  and it is always recommended to have a gap at the ground to allow a bit of airflow and so that the bottom of the cover is not chaffing or rubbing against the ground.

Getting the Best Shape for a Dome shaped BBQ: such as with the Weber Waterproof BBQ Cover

Over the years we have noticed a trend in dome-shaped BBQ’s, including models such as the Komado Joe BBQ, and the Big Green Egg BBQ, as well as custom builds.  For us to achieve a good fit remotely, it can be good to approach us with the old manufacturers cover before it has fallen to pieces and disintegrated;  Often the manufacturer of these luxury BBQ’s have to keep the cover cost-effective so will often opt for a cover made from polyester with a thin PVC backing (to keep it waterproof), and as these are often imported into the country in the hundreds-of-thousands being lightweight is ideal and price can be offered cheaply alongside the BBQ. 

A cover which comes with the bbq is often very good in fit (as it was originally designed and templated for that particular BBQ), However often due to the nature of the textile lifespan can be compromisable.  Therefore, if we have an old cover to work from we can often achieve a good fit for a dome BBQ cover, designed to last 10 years+. 

Often without an old cover, we can still manufacture a good fitting Egg BBQ Cover, and will often quote for the options available dependant on design.  For example this below confirmation PDF shows how we would shape a cover remotely using only measurements (which we help guide where to measure).  

the big green egg bbq

This below Morso Forno BBQ and firepit is another model of BBQ which has recently been trending.  This custom Morso Forno Waterproof cover was manufactured by us remotely, and you can read more about it here. 

Morso Forno Waterproof Cover