Football table dust cover

This lightweight dust cap cover for a football table was manufactured from our 500 denier polyester with PU coated backing, as it is waterproof, strong and offers great protection to the table from dust and dirt.

This wonderfully fun football table is situated indoors, so the polyester was ideal for use, as it also folds up very small and neatly when not in use. This particular customer found a home beneath the table on the legs, and because the shock cord is elasticated but removable from the cover they had the choice to either use the shock cord so the bottom of the cover hugs beneath the table- or to remove the cord for a straight drop.

You will notice the cover is actually shaped to accommodate for when all handles are pushed in, so by using this football table cover whilst not in use also helped young players remember to push all handles in after use, creating more space when not in

This particular foosball table cover was designed custom made specifically for the Garlando champion football table, However our made-to-measure team have kept all details for measurements if anybody in future requires a cover for the exact same table. Unfortunately we have found many differences between football table brands, as some types have handles which cannot push in so far, but we are able to custom manufacture for any type. If you supply overall dimensions along with an image and use (indoors or outdoors) our helpful team can help.