Custom Covers for Hand Made Garden Benches

We manufactured these custom breathable bench covers for these incredibly beautiful hand crafted benches.  This project was all about ensuring the best all-year-round long-lasting protection, as well as ensuring a beautiful fit.  Since the benches were of a type of special wood requiring breathability, we manufactured these custom made bench covers from our marine grade Sunbrella Plus Acrylic textile.  This textile is breathable, highly water resistant, mildew resistant,  immensely UV stabilised, strong and long-lasting.

breathable waterproof bench covers

Uniquely shaped for best fit

Due to the unique shape of the exquisite bench, our site visit made-to-measure team visited to properly measure and template both benches.  This allowed us to ensure the correct tapers were put into the breathable bespoke bench covers to allow water to drain from the top panel.  Water drainage is especially important with a breathable textile such as Sunbrella Plus Acrylic to ensure a long-lasting high water resistance, as whilst it has a superbly high water resistance- this is directly affected by pressure and volume; and so extreme pooling on Sunbrella Acrylic will threaten performance.  After many years of use, there are special treatments designed specifically for treating Sunbrella Plus Acrylic later during it’s lifespan to refresh its water repellence.  We often see Sunbrella covers lasting at least 10 years+. 

custom breathable bench cover

custom shaped bench cover

Hidden securing method

Both of these highly protective bench covers featured hidden brass eyelets and elasticated shock cord within the hem at the bottom.  This was hidden via a short matching Black PVC-ST skirt, designed to just brush the ground.  This was so there was no risk of the Sunbrella touching the ground at all, but since no gap was wanted beneath (to give better protection from dirt and leaves) PVC-ST is the ideal textile for creating a ‘skirt’.  This is because the PVC-ST can be trimmed if necessary and is non porous, so can be better to clean and keep clean (especially where a lot of mud and dirt will be). 

hidden brass eyelets and shock cord