Custom made hotel outdoor furniture covers

On one the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland sits Hotel Alex Lake Zurich, which is a prestigious 5 star boutique hotel.  Not only does this stunning Swiss hotel offer jaw-droppingly beautiful views, but everywhere you look indoors and out has been carefully put together to compliment the alluring lake.  There is a strong welcoming vibe of comfort within Hotel Alex, all of the interior and exterior furniture and fixtures chosen carefully to invite fresh feelings of tranquility.  Like many hotel establishments, behind the scenes there is a lot of work, time and effort into maintaining a flawless appearance, which includes ensuring furniture looks and stays pristine throughout the year.  This is why Hotel Alex got in touch with Kover-it to manufacture highly protective custom hotel outdoor furniture covers.

Hotel Alex Lake Zurich

Since the furniture was located in such an exposed environment overlooking Lake Zurich, they required heavy duty durable waterproof covers.  The outdoor waterproof covers  had to be high performing as well as long lasting.  This is why they were manufactured from marine-grade PVC-ST textile which is the signature textile of Kover-it – well known for immense lifespan and performance.  PVC-ST is 100% waterproof, very strong, and has incredible UV stability.  These waterproof covers offer protection from all types of weather conditions including snow, hail, rain, and strong winds.  They also protect from dirt, dust, bird droppings, and debris.  

Each cover was custom made to ensure the best fit and best water drainage where possible.    The PVC-ST waterproof covers hold their shaping well in all weather conditions, upholding the modern and pristine vibe of the exterior of the hotel.  Of course, the main purpose for outdoor waterproof covers is to protect the furniture whilst not in use, but as this hotel is open almost all year round it was still important for the covers to look their best.  This was also why PVC-ST was ideal, as the non-porous surface is extremely easy to clean and maintain, with heavy rain doing most of the work. 

waterproof furniture covers for hotels

The hotel’s custom heavy duty outdoor covers were secured in place by very strong elasticated shock cord through robust eyelets.  This form of security makes it easy for the covers to be secured in place, and allows great tension on the covers.  

Out of pure coincidence, one of us from Kover-it had the privilege of visiting Lake Zurich, so popped by to check out some of the luxury outdoor covers manufactured, which is why we showcase only a few of the waterproof outdoor furniture covers which were supplied.  All of the covers manufactured were confirmed remotely, whereby Kover-it made it super easy by sending through a guide showing how and where to double check measurements.  Kover-it often uses communication channels easiest for their client, so this included Whatsapp as well as emails/phone calls.  Whilst Kover-it can carry out the full measuring up/installation service within a certain area in the UK, most outdoor furniture cover can be easily designed and confirmed remotely. 

outdoor waterproof covers for hotels

Hotels, pubs, restaurants and other hospitality establishments often have enough work to deal with on top of sourcing and ensuring the best possible protection for their outdoor furniture.  Hence, Kover-it will offer the best options and solutions for custom outdoor cover protection based upon the last 28years+ of experience and ongoing customer satisfaction.  It is important to ensure long lasting outdoor covers not only perform well and offer superior protection but also look aesthetically pleasing.  Hotel outdoor furniture covers can be custom made to ensure the best practicality, aesthetics and performance possible. 

Here is an image in recognition of the 1st class service and amazing breakfast from Hotel Alex.  Kover-it is proud to be supplying high quality outdoor furniture covers to hotels, pubs, restaurants, and all types of hospitality establishments all around the world as well as within the UK.  It should be recognised that in the commercial sector covers can often see more usage as well as natural wear and tear – which is why it is important to ensure the best design and textile is used.

breakfast at hotel alex lake zurich

If you would like to get a quote for hotel outdoor furniture covers it is best to contact Kover-it using the custom cover enquiry form or emailing