Made to measure heavy duty trailer cover

This made to measure heavy duty trailer cover was manufactured from our high gloss Blue PVC-ST textile which is a 680gsm, and has a lacquer gloss finish coating.  Whilst all of our PVC-ST has immense UV stability and a smooth non-porous surface, the high gloss lacquer tends to resist dirt and grime, making it even easier to maintain and keep clean;  the lacquer finish can also be ideal for keeping beneath slightly cooler (in comparison to the matte colours) as the suns UV rays are reflected slightly. 

heavy duty trailer cover

This heavy duty trailer cover is 100% waterproof, and featured specified larger eyelets for the 8mm elasticated shock cord which we supplied.  Due to the back of the trailer needing to fully flip open; the trailer cover featured a heavy duty zip each side at the very back running all the way to the top, As well as securing clips actually placed on the top of the cover at the back- Thus enabling the entire back of the cover to be flipped completely open, or rolled up and clipped up higher.  During confirmation, this was something which was specified, as usually securing clips will be placed high up on the back panel. 

made to measure trailer cover

Confirming the best fit for heavy duty trailer covers

Usually during confirmation and quotation stage we will discuss whether or not reinforcement is necessary for some trailers; due to the weight of material for this specific trailer cover it was not necessary.  However you will notice on all of our heavy duty trailer covers we do not include the binding over the seams (due to environment and mass exposure binding would get too dirty ongoing) but all seams are double stitched with very strong UV resistant thread which swells within the holes, and on certain trailer covers the seams will only ever run up the height, Furthermore, some trailer covers can be high frequency welded (meaning no seams). 

custom waterproof trailer cover

heavy duty trailer cover

These images showing the cover in place were sent into us by our lovely pleased customer (we are always very grateful when our customers email in with feedback especially with pictures, as it is a great morale booster to the whole team including the workshop).