Our Side Panel Designs

Our side panels are completely bespoke, they are each designed and manufactured to a high specification.  Over the past 15 years we have constantly improved and evolved our design of side panels to ensure the best possible life span keeping up with the ever changing diversely demanding climate.

Features of all of our side panels:

  • 100% waterproof textile
  • Excellent UV stability – used a lot in countries such as Spain and France
  • Very easy to clean and maintain due to the smooth surface – does not soil or bleach
  • Very strong, durable, and robust
  • Designed for easy use – no matter the size
  • Available as Fire retardant for commercial use
  • Crystal clear windows can be added which are welded in – not stitched – for optimal life span
  • Strong durable doorways can be added as well as our special additional extra features such as quick-use dog flaps, mesh air vents, or window privacy flaps
  • Custom made and designed by experts – our team will help you ensure you have the best design for your use, environment and installation
  • High Frequency welded and reinforced in necessary places, all seams are double stitched
  • Strong adjustable clips at the very top  (the longer strap on the inside so protected from the wind) these are super easy to use and pull tight for neatness, for really wide side panels there will be multiple clips so one person may roll up, clip the middle strap to secure, and then clip the other straps
  • Pocket at the bottom – this allows you to insert a wooden baton (the same length as your side panel) and this will keep the side panel rigid so you may easily roll it up
  • Skirt at the bottom which covers any slight gap at the ground, and if very exposed sandbag weights can be used for extra security
  • Strong supporting keder along the top – very easy to install to all types of structures and openings
  • All heavy duty zips feature protective flaps for longevity

Custom made with Care

Whatever the project, we aim to impress. Whether we are manufacturing garden gazebo side panels or commercial side curtains, each project is carefully assessed so we may guide you towards the best design for your use and environment.

Design Options: Because “not one size fits all”

We do a range of different design options, and we will usually quote and guide you towards the one most suited for your structure and use.  It is important to consider that a side panel will act a bit like a sail in the wind so this means in most cases a much larger area span = more pressure and force put upon your structure.  Having the correct design = longer lifespan, lower maintenance, and more use all year round.



Recommended for most wooden structures: Eyelets, cleats & shock cord

This is our most popular design of side panel, and we have seen many lasting 10 years plus. It can be used on many different types of structures. There are many benefits having this design which includes:

  • Easy installation
  • Easy to use
  • Very easy maintenance (over time other methods such as turnbuttons or keder/zip require silicone spray)
  • Pressure/stress is partially absorbed by the thick strong elasticated shock cord, so less stress is put upon your structure
  • Great for openings which have different heights/widths and inaccuracies
  • When fully rolled up, it is only the cleats which are visible on the posts, and there are range of different cleats available, including you could source your own version
  • Best for very exposed environments
  • Allows for movement over time – many wooden structures can expand/contract or move over time, with this design there would be issues from this
  • None of the textile is permanently on the structure so wooden structures are not suffocated
  • Cost effective



Installation Overview

  1. Fit the top keder track to your structure via screws (your confirmation paperwork we provide will usually tell you where to fit along the top beam or beneath) your side panel should overlap the posts by a small amount.
  2. Slide the side panel into the top track
  3. You will then know where to fit the cleats each side using just 2 small screws per cleat
  4. Lace the elasticated shock cord through the curtain (you only ever do this once) putting a loop top and bottom
  5. Add your roofing baton (or wooden baton) into the bottom pocket

Examples include:



Recommended for metal pergola structures: Keder tracks/zips

We also use this design for some circumstances on wooden structures and gazebos such as in instances where posts are very thin or if it is not possible to have eyelets, cleats and shock cord. Benefits of this design includes:

  • Easy to use – just unzip/zip, and can be secured down from the inside or outside.
  • The keder track can be fitted in many ways so ideal if you have no space for a side panel to overlap, or if you require an internal or recess fit
  • Strong keder tracks- having the side panel secured fully within the keder track will spread the pressure (which is why we prefer over turnbuttons)
  • At request keder tracks can be powder coated to blend with structure
  • Best for doorway side panels or a side panel nominated specifically as an entrance/exit
  • Keder tracks can be easily cut down or put side-by-side to make longer
  • When zipped down is completely weather-tight so no gap for air to get through


Installation Overview

  1. Fit the top keder track to your structure via screws (your confirmation paperwork we provide will usually tell you where to fit along the top beam or beneath)
  2. Slide the side panel into the top track
  3. There are multiple techniques for installing the side tracks, but you screw the side tracks permanently in place each side, then unzip the edge of the side panel to slide it into the keder tracks each side.  Make sure the side panel is not too tight when installing
  4. Add your roofing baton (or wooden baton) into the bottom pocket (unzip the main panel before attempting to slide the baton into the pocket)

Examples Include:

restaurant side panels



Whilst we have put above the 2 main options for design, there are a lot of projects where we may for instance merge certain aspects of design.  For example this side panel below has eyelets, cleats and shock cord down one side which allows for movement and tolerance, but has keder/zip down the other side.  This is because this customer wanted a doorway at the side, so eyelets/cleats could have been used but the keder track holds the curtain rigid so the close zip is very easy to access from the inside as well as outside.