School Sandpit Cover

We manufactured this large school sandpit cover from our green PVC-ST textile which is waterproof, UV stabilised, strong, durable, long-lasting and easy to clean.  Due to the size of the sandpit we added a large mesh panel central, which whilst lets water through, alike many sandpit covers, the purpose is to prevent leaves and rodents from getting into the sandpit.  Hence with a large sandpit cover such as this, the mesh panel prevents water from pooling in the middle (which would create a safety hazard to small children).  

large school sandpit cover

Central Mesh panels can be ideal for a school sandpit cover

The mesh used is a coated textile which is strong, durable and also immensely UV stabilised.  The holes are large enough to let air and water pass through, but small enough to prevent large bits of dirt, branches, leaves and leaves from getting through. We have also used this mesh for ‘fly screens’ in the past,  and we often use the mesh also for the purpose of adding airflow to beneath our PVC-ST covers too. 

Not all sandpits require the mesh central, However we do advise it particularly for schools where a sandpit can be quite large.  Of course, if mesh is not wanted then it can be a good idea to use something alike a high bucket central within the sandpit to help prop a cover up and create a pitch for water to run off of.  For many sandpit covers, it is best to always ensure that it is properly secured, and often this will be with elasticated shock cord thread through the eyelets and laced down to the child-friendly buttons around the outside of the sandpit.  It is always important that plenty of room is left on the outside of the sandpit for the space required for the buttons and lacing. 

Below is an image of a child-friendly button which we supply at request with most sandpit covers;  They are available in black or white, they have a small hole central to allow a screw to connect it to the sandpit.

child friendly lacing button