The St George flag Pool Table Cover

A few years ago we had a very unique request- “Can you manufacture a Pool table cover with the St. George’s flag printed upon?”.  Well we actually manufactured something superior to a printed version- whilst we could’ve easily sent the textile off to the printers before manufacture, we actually chose to create the vibrant flag from our high gloss red and high gloss white PVC-ST textile.  Hence there is no print on this cover at all.  This means the colours will stay looking vibrant forever.  As whilst digital print also would’ve looked great, alike all digital printing it can be susceptible to fading over a period of time (but usually not until at least 4-5 yrs down the line).

pool table cover with flag

We created the flag via welding the Red onto the White, and used a method of high frequency welding – a superior process of joining two textiles.  This meant no stitches were required in the joining of the red onto white – which was obviously very important to ensure this performed well as a highly protective waterproof pool table cover.

This fab looking pool table cover was custom made also without eyelets, and the overall look is stunning.  Due to the textile being marine grade and PVC-ST, whilst it could be used outdoors for all-year-round protection, this particular use was more about cosmetics indoors, and it is certainly one of a kind.

union jack pool table cover