Waterproof Swing seat Cover

This bespoke waterproof swing seat cover was manufactured in our green PVC-ST textile, and featured a zipped panel at the front with adjustable clips and straps for rolling up and clipping up the front.  There is a also a pocket at the bottom on the inside of the panel.  This enables a pole or baton to be inserted into the pocket, Thus making it rigid and easy to roll up the front panel without sagging;  It also looks much neater and cosmetically pleasing when clipped up (with the baton used in the pocket).

swing seat cover with the front panel rolled up

swing seat

Custom waterproof swing seat cover

The zips used are high quality, strong, durable and of the same type often used on boat covers.  For longevity reasons we always advise people to never leave a zip half way undone.  Whilst we use industrial grade zips, it is important to ensure they are properly used and maintained.  Silicone spray or wax can be used on the zips teeth every 3-6 months.  Whilst the cover enables the user to roll up the front and sit inside, we do strongly advise that in summer months the cover is fully removed.  The front roll up panel enables the user to easily take the cover on and off. 

Breathable waterproof swing seat cover?

This particular waterproof swing seat cover also featured mesh panels low down on the sides to help allow some airflow beneath the cover.  The mesh is placed low down so water cannot get through, this is because water can only get through the small holes when pressure is directed at the mesh, so placing mesh down on the cover enables water to run over and down the mesh.  The heavy duty PVC-ST textile is 100% waterproof so is not breathable, but the mesh panels allows some breathability for the cover,  but it is still important to air the swing seat regularly. 

breathable panel on swing seat cover

This custom made swing seat cover also featured long-lasting non-rusting brass eyelets, with elasticated shock cord thread through to secure the cover in place. The shock cord can also be utilised to connect the corners of the cover to the framework of the hammock when the front panel is rolled up.  Alternatively, a ball and loop can also be used with the cover to secure the corner eyelets if preferred. 

waterproof swing seat cover securing method