We manufacture commercial custom covers for many industries and applications.  Our diverse set of skills and manufacturing methods enables us to ensure we help meet your covering needs and requirements.  Whether looking for heavy duty commercial covers, or storage lightweight protective covers, our team of experts can help offer the best cover solutions meeting your specification.  Below are just some examples of types of commercial covers and projects we are able to work on.

Covers for schools and nurseries

Whether it is supplying a large sandpit cover or waterproof covers for playground equipment, we can help with long-lasting, practical, and easy to maintain covers.

Transportation Covers and Cases

Whether you require temporary transportation covers for privacy, or padded covers for protection from bumps and scratches, we will ensure the best custom cover for the job. We often work with the film industry, supplying various film equipment covers and cases.

Covers for Restaurants

When hygiene is a priority, we have textiles which are ideal for keeping clean and sanitary, Hence we have supplied covers to hospitals, restaurants, pubs and in spas where lifespan, practicality but also maintenance have been crucial. If necessary we are able to ensure a completely flat non-porous surface area, and can ensure all seams are High frequency welded so there is 0% risk of dirt ingress to any part of the cover.

Machinery Covers

Protecting machinery and extending equipment lifespan - Our made to measure machinery covers are tailored to ensure best design for practical usage and long lifespan. For large industrial covers we will ensure to include commercial grade velcro or zips. Commercial machinery custom covers are designed to be practical, cosmetically pleasing, and long lasting.

Workshop Equipment Custom Covers

Workshop equipment custom covers, such as heavy duty tool box covers, or a custom cover for a control panel. Our High Gloss PVC-ST textiles can be especially good for wiping away oils and any accidental spillages. PVC-ST is also ideal for use when a commercial custom covers requires a cut out or reinforcement.

Commercial overs with Print On

There can be different options for adding print to a cover, and we will usually advise on the most suitable for your use. We have many clients who opt for their logo added to commercial covers, or require important signage on covers. As we can directly print onto our textile, our printed custom commercial covers can have a great impact, and is ideal of branding.

Fire Retardant Covers

Our heavy duty PVC-ST is available in a range of different grades including with fire retardant certification.

Covers for Stadiums and Sport Grounds

Covers for stadiums, and sports grounds. PVC-ST is notoriously excellent for its durability, lifespan, and easy maintenance.

Covers for Supermarkets and Procurement Companies

Including cage storage hanging bags, trolley covers, and specialist custom cover storage solutions. You may recognise the above cage storage hanging bag from a very well known high end supermarket, which we prototyped and designed.

Custom Pallet Covers

Our custom made pallet covers are 100% waterproof, have superior UV stability, and are immensely strong and durable, they are secured in place via robust eyelets and elasticated shock cord. When manufacturing identical covers in larger quantities we are able to offer our superior product at a much more cost-effective price.

Heavy Duty Waterproof Trolley Covers

Heavy duty waterproof trolley covers, which can feature roll up side panels with adjustable clips and straps for easy use. Commercial custom mobile unit covers can be an ideal solution for creating more storage pace, as well as offering optimal protection.

Custom Covers for Marketing

Working with and alongside other brands and companies to deliver quality products. Sometimes this may be behind the scenes or on top secret projects. It is important that custom branded covers are made to a high quality reflective of the brand.

Custom Trailer Covers

Commercial trailer covers offering excellent outdoor protection for use in transport as well as in situ. Our custom trailer covers are bespoke made to ensure a good fit, and feature strong anti-rust brass eyelets.

Custom Warehouse Covers

Industrial warehouse partitioning side panels and covers. Custom made flexible divider curtains for factories and warehouses allow you to divide large areas in order to better regulate temperature control. Our PVC-ST commercial factory side panels are custom made to your required size with eyelets each corner and around the edges for easy installation.