We manufacture custom side panels for many types of outdoor structures, gazebos and pergolas.  They enable you to make  full use of your gazebo all year round – even in the snow, rain and cold!

Our waterproof side panels are completely custom, as you can have the option to have a large clear window within, an accessible doorway, or both!  In summer months side panels can be easily, fully rolled up and clipped up out of the way.  In winter months or on a summer’s breezy evening, they are easily secured down, blocking any wind and providing complete weather protection.  With the correct design and set up they make it possible to create a warm and cosy outdoor room any time of the year.

Our side panels are ideal for residential use, as well as for commercial use such as for pubs, restaurants, nurseries, and within the hospitality sector.

Why choose our side panels?

We manufacture using high quality PVC-ST – this textile has many superb qualities including being mildew resistant, 100% waterproof, having excellent UV stability, strength, and durability.  It also means we are able to ensure our durable clear windows are high frequency welded into the main textile – this is important as stitching in a clear window can risk water penetration, is not as strong, and can be unsightly.  Our side panels are:

  • Easy to order and install
  • Features a practical design making it easy to roll up all sizes of side panels
  • Super easy to clean and maintain
  • Variety of colours, design, and options to choose from
  • Long life span
  • Manufactured to a high quality within our workshop
  • We pride ourselves on offering first class customer service, and we have expert knowledge; we have been manufacturing (and installing) side panels for over 15 years, and our background also derives from awnings/canopies and shades.

Examples of our work

Light grey side panels onto a cafe’s veranda. Design: keder/zips each side

Brown side panels onto wooden gazebo. Design: eyelets/cleats each side

mid-grey-side-panels-internal-fitMid grey side panels internally fitted. Design: eyelets/cleats each side



side-panela-with-privacy-windowsBrown side panels featuring privacy flaps over windows. Design: mixture