Please note these terms and conditions are relevant for certain Kover-it products only and certain Kover-it custom covers.

The 3 Year warranty applies to only some (and when specified) of our custom polyethylene covers.
The 5 Year warranty applies to only some (and when specified) of our PVC-ST covers.

These terms and conditions are to also be used in conjunction with (but does not supersede) our Kover-it standard terms and conditions which you can view on our website:
Please note in the event that a cover is damaged from the following or if the below applies to your cover, We [Kover-it] will not be held liable, and the cover will fairly be void from the 5 yr or 3 yr warranty.

  • Damage due to a bad fit on the item being covered (For example if a cover is too long and dragging on the ground, then constant chafing/rubbing will cause damage to the bottom of the cover. Also if a cover is too tight then there is risk constant stress and pressure will directly cause a cover to fail.)
  • Damage due to not using the method of securing the cover down, for example if you do not use the elasticated shock through the eyelets. (For example, if a cover is not secured properly there is a possibility of the cover not sitting correctly for proper water drainage, and/or if the cover blows off from the item damage can be caused from this.)
  • Damage as a direct result of accidental damage (With over 30 yrs experience with textiles, our technical team can often recognise when a textile is either faulty or when trauma has occurred- if an accident has happened then Kover-it will often help with a cost effective solution which can sometimes be an amendment, but this is down to discretion, and only possible with honesty.)
  • Damage due to pet or animal damage (Such as from sharp claws or rodents)
  • Damage due from storm or adverse weather conditions (With climate change on the rise this is often a very normal term within all outdoor covers guarantees; but most of the time actual storm damage is often a direct result from incorrect fit/design or not being tied with the shock cord.)
  • Use in a commercial environment (Whilst our covers have a proven history of lasting 10 yrs+ even in a commercial environment, due to the broad uses and handling, our guarantee does not include those covers being used in a commercial or industrial environment, However Kover-it has the right to use discretion where necessary.)
  • Note cosmetic damage or colour change to the binding over time is not covered within our guarantee. (Any binding deteriorating should not affect the performance of the cover as all covers with binding are pre-stitched).
  • Any covers used outside of the UK are not covered by this 5 year guarantee (However Kover-it has the right to use discretion where necessary.)
  • Damage Caused by using a Pressure washer or harmful chemicals to or on a cover (Note this sort of damage is usually only recognised when it is too late.)
  • Damage caused by a cover being close to a chlorinated pool or hot tub
  • Damage caused by mildew spores not being neutralised on or under a cover (whilst our covers are immensely mildew resistant and they cannot directly cause mildew- if mildew on an item is not neutralised or treated properly this can cause base cloth damage over time and mildew can spread.)
  • Damage Caused by incorrect maintenance & Use (Please read the relevant Care & Maintenance advice we give, this is viewable upon on our website. It is important to also consider any specific advice we gave you relevant to your particular custom cover.)
  • Zips are excluded from warranty (We use very strong industrial grade zips, and with the correct maintenance and use you should still see a very long lifespan).
  • Damage due to the cover being incorrect in fit, design or purpose

Please note as standard your cover will be exempt from this guarantee if the following applies: If the cover is being used above second floor level; If the cover has been amended or modified in any way; If the cover has been sold as a Clearance Product, as free, or if it is second hand; If the cover was a replacement from Us; If the issue/fault is not reported to us within a sensible time frame.

In the event of a claim on the warranty

We will need to see the following:-

  • Proof of the Kover-it logo on the bottom of the cover as well as a receipt of purchase (discretion can and will be used, but Kover-it must see that the age of the cover is within the relevant 3 or 5 years period and that You own and bought the cover).
  • A photo showing the cover in place on the item (taken from afar). Also an image without the cover in place.
  • Evidence and details of the issue or fault. This can sometimes result in physically needing the cover sent back to our workshop to inspect but must ONLY be sent to us after We request it.  If we require the cover sent to us it is Your responsibility to send it safely back to Us, any cost for courier from or to you should be at your expense.  If a cover is sent back to us it must be in a very clean condition.  Please refer to our Standard terms and conditions, particularly Condition 12 regarding Warranty and Condition 14 regarding the process of return.


Please note we take every claim seriously, which often results in proper investigation of cause; Our main reason for this is because we do expect our covers to be lasting at least 5 years- and in certain circumstances if we were to replace a cover like-for-like without properly investigating there is a risk the same issue could occur again. After a 6 month period it is also your responsibility to prove that a fault or issue has occurred and that a claim is valid.

If a claim is valid, it is acceptable for Us to firstly offer either a repair to the cover, or in certain circumstances may offer replacement. It is important that if a faulty cover occurs it is not thrown away or amended in any way. It is very important that any issue is reported straight away, and if a cover is to be sent to the workshop it must be in a very clean state. In the event of a valid claim, we will endeavor to sort the issue within a sensible time frame, but if there is a lack of communication or delay (not caused by us) that lasts for longer than 6 months (from the date of the report) then we shall assume that you no longer wish to proceed with the claim, and the cover will be void from warranty.

We are not liable for any circumstantial damage caused to anything a Kover-it cover is covering. Our team always offers good advice to help protect furniture in the best way possible, sometimes this can include advising certain materials for breathability/practicality. It is important furniture is never covered wet, and it can be best to air furniture often. The only way to guarantee the best protection for cushions is via storing them indoors.

We are not liable for the Travel or courier costs relating to a repair or replacement. If a cover is needed to be sent back to Us, it is extremely important that it is in a very clean state, packaged and delivered safely. We will not be liable for any issues arising from improper packaging or courier.

If You bought Your Cover from another company or through another company or business then this warranty may not apply to You or Your cover.