Cube Covers

High Quality Waterproof cube covers, whether you are looking for a waterproof dining set cube cover, or a rattan furniture cube cover, we have a large range of waterproof covers for all types of cubes. Our PVC-ST Cube covers are immensely strong, durable and long lasting, available in several popular sizes, these can be used universally for a highly protective rattan furniture cover, or as a well fitting cube set cover.

The PVC-ST waterproof cube set covers are prefect for offering all-year round protection for many brands of rattan furniture cube sets, such as if you are looking for a waterproof cover for an Oceans rattan cube dining set, or for other luxurious rattan cube sets. The high performing textile our Kover-it brand cube covers are manufactured from is very easy to wipe clean, highly UV stabilised, completely waterproof, and has thermoplastic proprieties which makes it ideal for long lasting use in both hotter and colder climates.