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Waterproof Outback BBQ Cover (140cm)

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This waterproof outback BBQ cover is designed to offer the very best outdoor protection from all weathers all year round.  It is heavy duty and super easy to clean.

  • Superior in it’s quality, performance and lifespan.
  • Offers protection from heavy rain, hail, snow, strong winds, dirt, bird droppings, and the Sun’s damaging UV rays.
  • 100% waterproof, excellent UV stability, mildew resistant, marine grade and extremely robust.
  • Super easy to clean (has a non-porous anti-dirt surface).
  • Strong and easy securing method- brass eyelets and elasticated shock cord
  • Designed for BBQ kings
  • Comes with a 5 year guarantee*
Length140 cm / 55.12 inches
Depth61 cm / 24.02 inches
Height110 cm / 43.31 inches

This long lasting waterproof outback bbq cover is designed to offer superior outdoor weather protection all year round.

Manufactured by us in the UK, we only use the very best high quality materials and manufacturing methods; this ensures that all of our Kover-it brand covers are beautiful in design as well as robust for a long lifespan.  We have seen majority of our PVC-ST covers lasting well beyond the 5 year guarantee*.

We use a heavy duty PVC-ST textile which is 100% waterproof, immensely UV stabilised, mildew resistant, marine grade, and extremely strong.  This textile is ideal for the ever changing UK diverse weather patterns, as well as the climate in places such as France, Spain and Switzerland.

This cover comes with a 5 year guarantee*.

*Our 5 year guarantee is subject to domestic-use only covers, and excludes fair wear and tear, for full details on our guarantee please visit our terms and conditions.

Please always measure your physical BBQ (don’t just rely on manufacturer or website measurements!)

The measurements we show are those of the actual cover, therefore you should consider allowing for adequate ‘wiggle’ room to easily get the cover on and off, and there should ideally be a slight gap at the ground.  In most cases a good fit for a cover usually means:

  • The cover should be approx. 1-3cm more in length and width compared to your furniture. (Due to the ‘body’ within the cover as the handle protrudes it is ok for your overall width to be the same as our covers width).
  • The cover should be approx. 1-3cm less in height compared to your furniture (more if you wish for more of a gap)

The shape of the BBQ will dictate how a cover sits on the BBQ, if you are unsure of size and fit please get in touch with us so we may help advise. 

black waterproof textile

This textile is truly 100% waterproof this is superior to ‘water-resistant’.  PVC-ST can take an extremely high volume and pressure of water.

It also has excellent UV stability.

This cover features strong brass eyelets frequently spaced around the bottom, with thick robust elasticated shock cord to thread through and secure in place.

Shock cord can be tucked beneath feet/legs on some items of furniture.  It is also very easy to replace or amend.

Will this fit BBQ's other than Outback?

Yes! Although it was originally designed for an outback BBQ it also fits many brands of BBQ's including some versions of Weber, Broll King, Beefeater, among others. We have named our BBQ cover the Outback BBQ Cover for reference purposes.

Are there any care tips?

Always ensure that your BBQ and the inside of the cover is clean and dry before putting the cover in place.

When the cover is not in use keep it neatly folded somewhere safe.

Always use the brass eyelets and shock cord to secure the cover in place.

Ensure that your BBQ has cooled down completely before putting the cover on.

How thick is the textile?

We use a 580-600gsm PVC-ST which is classed as a heavy duty textile, this is also why it is so long lasting and strong.

What happens if this cover does not fit?

We supply lots of information on the measurements of this cover to try and avoid this situation. But if in the instance it does not fit, please get in touch with us straight away or within 14 days so we may help organise your return/refund or exchange subject to our terms and conditions.

How do I clean/maintain this cover?

Due to PVC-ST being non-porous, it means heavy rain will wash away most dirt and grime for you! But to clean it properly just give it a wipe with a wet sponge or use a hose pipe on low pressure setting.

How do you secure the cover in place?

We supply a strong elasticated shock cord which you thread through the brass eyelets around the bottom of the cover, pull tight and tie a knot.

This is not the right size for my BBQ- do you have other sizes?

If you cannot find a size that fits then please get in touch with us. We would be happy to check if another product may suit or we would be able to custom manufacture you a tailored waterproof table cover perfect for your table's size and needs.

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